Sunday, April 24, 2011


After researching how bunnies and eggs got tied into Easter, I still got nothing. But its fun, and well balanced with  the true celebration for this weekend. We'll still stay away from the Easter Bunny, he is just creepy ( and unnecessary torture tradition to introduce to the kids)

I am keeping the words to a minimum in this one, because God knows, you come to see pictures of my cute kids and not read my ramblings. Wish granted.

Gavin ran for all the green ones and Breiden dashed for the blue. We literally had to make them pick up the other colored eggs.

So generous to share one egg with their sister :)

 Fiona's magic wand... fine motor tool and teething all in one. Not really called the magic wand, that's just my name for it.

Could that face be any cuter?! Love this little high chair that clips to our table and keeps Fi part of the action.

Seriously, they are going to be the biggest heart throbs.

Building a tower for Fo-na.

Let's Go Fishing was definitely this years hit. The fish are the boys new must-have-at-all-times toy.

After two down pours in a half hour, we gave up and went home. But the sun in between was warm and worth it.

My boy, playing in the rain. 

Egg chalk. Perfect Easter basket gift.

Sundays best. Love our church and the close-knit community we have there. In Christ alone, I have hope. And its my faith in everything He has done for us why I celebrate this weekend. Its so much bigger then the egg dying, candy and time with my family. Its a glorious celebration that the tomb is empty. 

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