Saturday, April 16, 2011


I had every intention to write a beautiful post today about my love for photography.We were invited for an afternoon at natures best studio- the beach- and I had all these descriptive words in my head about sunbeams, and lines and how a great picture, to me is priceless.

But then we went to the beach.

Olivia having the time of her life, my boys... whining...

The girls all playing nicely together, my boys in the background... whining...

With casts on her legs, which I am sure were awfully hot, and not being able to play in the water or the sand, Fiona still had a good time up until it was time for a nap.

The sun was shining, the waves were big (for the gulf), and we were surrounded by lots of friends. Really, quite the perfect set up for a photo-filled afternoon. Except that my models were cranky, tired, and freaking out about the sand. And I was tired and my patience was low- I just wanted to snuggle with my happy girl and talk with friends, as the boys got some good playtime in the ocean with their little friends. But my kids had a different plan for today- throw a fit and whine to go home and make life miserable for mom.

Its just been one of those weeks that I need a good two-day recovery from. I get woken up every hour by a whiny little boy or a hungry little girl. And now that the are sicknesses and fevers are gone, I have two boys who bodies are spent and just want to cuddle with me all day and night.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some cuddle time with my babies. But its the whining to cuddle I just cant take.The house is in shambles and my head is just about to explode from all the whining.

Desperately need some good advice and some good books on how to make your kids stop whining. Because obviously telling them they sound like little girls and they need to grow up isn't working (just kidding!) Fiona gets her casts off this Wednesday for a whole week until her surgery. Planning on a lot of pool and beach time
for those sweet legs and praying my boys can get back to their easy-going selves so that its a bit more enjoyable.


  1. I believe that whining comes from wanting something. i always ask why are you whining and then do my best to give them or get them what they need. when you can't i usually tell them simply that, i can't, i notice that with Gio if i just tell him what we are doing or where we are going he is less whinny. he seems to need the comfort to know whats next in the day. if he don't want what's next i ask him whats next if he is whining because he is tired i just let him know he can nap no matter where we are in his car seat or on a chair at the dr.s or even in my lap or on my shoulder. if he is hungry i always carry snacks but if he wants something else i let him know he can have that but not now and tell him when and he seems to get it works for me. just talking it out and letting them know they can have what they want... but not always when they want it and letting them know when they can have it should to help.

  2. Call me when you're ready to give another run at the beach day! I thought the boys were adorable especially when Gav kept falling asleep in the chair but fought it every 10 seconds waking up with a grin! HAHA! Plus, I got quite a few smiles from Miss Fiona that I'm very proud of! Those grins are priceless!


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