Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tall Glass of Lemonade

If you give this girl lemons, she might try to eat the lemon. But eventually she will learn that its much more pleasant to turn them into lemonade. And she might decide to leave the camera in the car and just really enjoy her lemonade. Tonight I let my sporadic side take over and decided that at 8pm, when I got home from work, it was an ice cream outing night. We changed out of pajamas back into normal clothes, through some diapers in the diaper bag and headed to Yogurt Mountain.

(sorry no pictures to go with this, because, I already told you, I left the camera in the car)

And my husband sporadically decided to take the kids over to the pond around the corner from the ice cream shop to look for fish. Where there happened to be some live outdoor entertainment in front of some of our favorite restaurants. Which lead me to sporadically asking if we could stay and enjoy the festivities with an appetizer and wine. This little two hour outing made all my frustrations disappear. And as we drove home with three sleepy kids in the back of the minivan, I smiled at my husband and said, "this was a good night". A very good night.

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