Friday, April 22, 2011

There's pictures in this one

Well, I tried. Its hard to explain this weekend to two year olds. Two year olds who do not know what death is, or sacrifice or any of the words I tried to use to tell them the story of Good Friday. I tried, though. And explained that God gave us the ultimate gift- his own son. And I used my children's Bible to help simplify and de-intensify the story of Christs Death. All I got in response was glazed-over eyes. The second I closed the Bible it was, "watch Dora now?" I tried.

I wonder how old I was when I truly got it. I know I was just five when I asked Jesus to come into my heart. But how much can a five year old really understand. My religion has changed over the years, although my faith has stayed the same (yes, those are two different things). I have faith in one, true God. And faith that there is only one path to the Father, and that is His Son, Jesus Christ. My relationship with God has molded as I have learned  more who He is through His Word. It was my full faith in Him that gave and gives me my strength in any situation. That gave me the strength to never doubt His plan when doctors where giving me no hope.

Today, I Sunday-school-versioned Good Friday, complete, of course, with some arts and crafts. I headed to Joann's, me and my crazy three, with the intent of getting stain-glass-paint cross kits. Joann's had not one religious Easter thing in their entire store. Desperate not to do another construction paper project, I kept searching the isles for something that I could jimmy-rig into a Good Friday related project. Remember those little plastic beads that you put on a plastic board with spikes, shaped like some object, and then ran an iron over the top and they melted together? They are called perler beads. I loved these things when I was little. This is a non-sticky, none messy (well unless your kids play in the beads like mine did, and they go all over the table and floor) project that is simple for toddlers to do. Beads are a choking hazard, so requires 100 percent supervision. There was no pre-shaped cross board for it, so we had to free hand. The boys handed me which beads they wanted and I lined them up in the shape of the cross. They hovered close by as I ironed them together, and wa-la... our Good Friday crosses for the lesson they did not understand.


Forgot to mention, we are cast free now till the surgery next Wednesday. Little girl is enjoying having her legs back and lots and lots of water time. Making up for the sponge baths. I literally can count on my hands how many times she has been fully bathed. We went to the pool today, but she slept the whole time. Hoping tomorrow she can go for a swim because girl loves the water. Her brothers taught her how to splash and Fiona goes to town hitting the water.

 I swear she was smiling the second before I took this picture. She is like her daddy, moves at the exact time the pictures taken.

Therapy went really well today. In every area except crawling, Fiona is right on track or even ahead of where she should be... for a normal baby! Shes snacking a couple times a day on finger foods, still no luck with baby food, and is sitting like a pro now. She enjoyed talking to her self for a while this morning in front of the mirror while mommy picked up.

I am making up for the last few posts being picture-less by overloading this one.

Looking forward to a good weekend with a little extra family time with the husband not working Sunday. Praising God for His never-ending love and forgiveness and for giving up His son. As a parent, that is the ultimate sacrifice. Good Friday, Great Sunday.


Our therapist got a new child this morning. A 6 week old with trisomy 18.Only ten percent survive with this chromosome defect, and this baby has been given a fatal diagnosis. The mom is a single parent with zero help.She has nothing and needs everything. Starting with prayers. Baby has great government help as far as its medical needs (never asked if it was a boy or girl), but mom need serious emotional and physical support. Please keep this family in your prayers. 

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