Wednesday, April 6, 2011

These are my peoples

I often show the boys pictures of our family. Aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas and our ever growing cluster of cousins. Sitting with our wedding album sprawled open on the kitchen counter one day, I pointed to the big group picture that contains almost all of our family members and asked them, " Who are these people?". Breiden proudly proclaimed, " These are my peoples".

Family. My peoples- the most perfect way to define the word. Out of all the words in the English language, family is in my top favorite. And hearing my almost-three-year olds say it, makes it sound that much sweeter. Family. Finally, the word is starting to living up to what I have dreamt it to be. This weekend we escaped to a little beach haven on Anna Maria island with our family. 

I soaked in our family. The boys, idolizing their big cousin Henry, Breiden telling me every 2 minutes that "Henry my best friend". I watched them watch him, copying everything their best friend was doing.

(Nana Barb, I know you are crying right now :)

I enjoyed baby rolls and tiny sandy toes, and soft brown locks of curls that shyly lingered close by. I finally got a hug from our brown-eyed beauty when we said our good byes.

We BBQed, cleaned ketchup stained faces and fought over who got the next s'more. The adults were far more excited about the s'mores then the kids.

The time together was far to short, and we cannot wait till this summer to get together again, but we are thankful for the few days we did get with them. How I hate the miles between us... but oh how we love living in Florida! Because we can do this kind of stuff all year long.

Oh ya, and Fiona is finally sleeping in her own room. She has woken up with this big smile on her face every morning of her life. My baby it my morning sunshine. 


  1. WoWSA! you are making think Summer need to be here! I am in snowy Wyoming! GREAT pictures! Fiona is PRETTY! smiles

  2. Awwww... I LOVE this photo set. It's so sweet. The only problem is, it makes me miss my little nephews and nieces in New Zealand and I'm all the way in France. Have a great weekend, :)

  3. Ok, we are booking a trip there immediately! Sold! Your pictures are incredible!!!


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