Friday, April 8, 2011

Toddler Talk

Oh, the things that come out of my two year olds mouths. Although I hate reality TV with a passion, especially ones that film kids, it would be nice to have someone video taping, or at least recording, my kids daily conversations, for my own viewing that is. These are just a few of my recent favorites...

-At Target, passing the bras and panties, Gavin spots a purple bra, and yells, yes yells "PURPLE BOOBS!"

-Again, at Target, leaving the check out, Breiden waves to the cashier and says " See ya lay-er! Have fun back there!"

-My kids call their wee-wees dinkers, and I made the mistake of saying the word boner in front of them. So now, Breiden tells me, "Mommy, my boner hurts my dinker" This makes my girlfriends, who don't have the pleasure of having a boy, thankful they dogged this bullet.

-That Gavin calls me "Ma" all the time. Must be the Italian in him coming out.

-Breiden asking for "One more minute" and slyly offering to snuggle with me so he can stay up later. Oh, and how about I woke up this morning with him snuggled next to me in bed. Little stinker snuck in in the middle of the night without me noticing. 

-Gavin putting my breast pump to his chest and telling me that he was going to make Fona's food.

- They parrot everything we say. My husband and sister-in-law were having a conversation about nothing really in particular and there's Breiden, sitting next to them, just repeating everything they say. This has gotten us  in trouble, hence him saying boner. Every once in a while we will throw in a word like "ridiculous" to her them stumble over pouncing such a big word. Its not just for our amusement, we are building their vocabulary!

Every time they say something, I think " I have to remember this!" And I always almost forget. I'm really considering looking into a tape recorder.  Really, everything they say is cute because they are saying it. Words coming from their squeaky little voices, no matter what they are, are funny and adorable. And by far, my favorite is when they talk to their sister. They parrot me and call her, "Pretty girl", leaning over her all tender and protective. And she just lights up at the sound of their voices. Can I just bottle this up and save it forever?

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