Monday, May 16, 2011

Carpe Diem

Its not about the amount of time we get, but the way we choose to spend it. Carpe Diem.

It may not be perfect, but I'll take it. Gratefully.

I know its frustrating sitting on the sidelines, Sweet Pea, but not too much longer. The casts come off this Friday!

You know, there was a time I mourned that I would not get a good dose of Fiona's baby feet. Actually broke down in tears over a pair of baby shoes. But God has a funny way of working, because I love Fiona's hands. Yep, her chubby little hands. Simian creased* soft palms and pudgy fingers that grab gently around my lips when I kiss them. I love them and hardly even think about baby feet. And having her in casts has made it easy for me to paint her cute little toe nails that peak out. Holland** is different, but completely beautiful in its own way.

And so maybe I want my kids to be in bed by 9, but an impromptu ice cream run sounded so much better... in pajamas.

This is Florida. 80 degree weather in May, kids who live by no shirt-no shoes-no problem, and chillin with alligators.Normally I would be a little depressed on Monday nights, thinking about having to go to work in the morning. But I forget how blessed I am to get so much quality time with my family. Can't wait to open the door tomorrow night to, "Mommy you home! Mommy you not go-ing any-where!"

*Simian crease- trait of Down syndrome, Fiona has one crease on her palms instead of the two separate ones you have on yours.

**Confused about Holland? read THIS


  1. So cute! You have to love spontaneous ice cream runs. That is so great that Fiona gets her cast off this Friday! YAAAAAAY!

  2. I am loving the pix with Fiona showing off her CUTE! smiles

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog - I love getting new followers!! Your family is beautiful (as are your photos!), especially your little princess, Fiona. :-)


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