Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Miss Independent

I have avoided jumping on the daily alliteration posts because its not really my style. But there is one that I can't resist anymore- Thankful Thursdays. Yes, I know today is not Thursday, but lets over look that because I'm excited about this and there is a lot to be thankful for.

Thankful Fiona got her casts off.

One last time sitting the bench at the pool today, a wonderful extra long nap time for everyone in our house, and showing up to our 4:30pm ortho appointment to find out it was really at 9:45am (thankfully, our Doctor is amazing and stayed late to take us), Fi's got her feet back. They are straight and perfect along with her chubby legs that have been hiding under the casts.

Perfectly straight little piggies :)

Thankful for hitting a milestone.

She is feeding her self a bottle! At least for her daddy, and occasionally for me. My sweet pea would rather snuggle up with me and have me feed her then to hold the bottle herself, but at least we know she can do it.

Thankful for good friends. Whether it be a girls night out, help with the kids or both, my gratitude for the women in my life that are there for me is endless.

Thankful for my children's friendship.

I never thought about what having a third child would do to the twins. I figured there would be some jealousy, but most likely they would be apathetic to a little baby being around. Not only is there zero jealousy, but they can't get enough of their little sister. They insist on her sitting near them when they are playing, and Fiona is the only person Breiden lets touch his special blankie. He gives it to her, and is so proud that she likes to snuggle with his blanket. Life may be hectic with three, but its without a doubt better with three.

Thankful for my dad. That he encourages me every day to be thankful for the good in my life, even when there is a lot of bad around it. Life is so much more enjoyable when you are positive.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Love the picture of all of them in the bath! And holding your own bottle...HUGE milestone! Haha, it took Russell well over a year before he would do it on his own, little stinker. He just liked to be held and snuggled while he drank it so he just refused to do it!

  2. Oh Yay for Fiona! Woohoo!

    I love that she has 2 wonderful brothers who care for her already. I hope that know how fickle kids are :) Mine beat the boogers out of each other plenty (girls aren't supposed to!) but they also love, hug & kiss each, and that's what counts.

    Anyway, I'm glad she's doing well...she doesn't look like she's liking that post-cast leg, though, lol..

  3. sweet! it is wonderful to have supportive people...thank goodness for family and friends!!!

  4. It is so nice to see brothers who love their sister so much! Your pics are great. My brother and I are very close too. It is a bond that we cherish even now as adults with our own families. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Say Hi Sunday Blog Hop. Would love it if you would visit and 'like' my page: I also have a blog:

  5. She's so cute. She sounds likes she had quite a tough time of it as all of you have, its good you can now watch the next milestones. And I agree holding your own bottle is a giant step.


  6. New follower from Say Hi Sunday. My daughter has scars on her head from two experimental brain surgeries, plus scars from muscle biopsies and a surgery on her heel due to her disease. The sight of those scars still make me pause. I hope you will follow back

  7. YAY for Fiona getting those pesky casts off and yay for holding her own bottle. So awesome! And you have to love fun times in the pool.


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