Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Look at me!"

"Watch me do dis cool trick, mom"

"Sweet trick, little man!"

"Watch me, ma. Watch me do dis"

"I'm watching you. Wow, I saw, that's pretty cool"

I love this age. Its all about "I do it my self" and "look how awesome I am". They take pride in what they are able- or think they are able- to do. Most of their "cool"tricks are not really tricks, let alone cool, but I love to give them my complete attention. Its all about what you are doing, right now, in this moment. Whether it be a weird attempt to break dance or a cannon ball into the pool that is more just falling in the pool with no form, I am watching. And we are going to jump and high five that you are trying to do new things.

Oh, and its even more delectable when they ask each other to watch them, and cheer each other on. Its a great parenting moment when they encourage each other. Ya, that's the icing on the cake.

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