Friday, May 6, 2011

Reading Break

I've giving up writing for reading the last few days. Even now, I am tempted to stop typing and get back into that book that is starring at me across the room. I am still hungry for more, on my second book this week. And with (unfortunately) a lot of down time at work, I have been taking this opportunity to read. To get lost in a different time period, in someone elses mind. To see the world from a different view point and get drunk on the English language. Speaking of which, not exactly a good idea to mix wine and reading. It sounded romantic at the time, but as the words started to blurr on the page, I realized this probably wasn't a good combination.

So, I am going to make this short so I can get back to finishing that intriguing novel because I am dying to know the ending and I know my mind wont rest till I finish.

Today was one of those days that I remember it being a lot more magical then it actually was. If I list the events of today, it sounds jam packed with fun, friends and lots of that Florida sunshine. But as all toddler get-togethers go, the majority of the day was spent breaking up fights over toys, helping up crying kids that clumsily fell down, juggling feeding them and feeding yourself, and that I-need-a-nap-but-I-am-going-to-fight-it scream. But even with all that, there is something refreshing about playgroups. The few words you get to exchange with the moms and just the fact that you have proof your kids are not the only ones that act like this helps lift your mommy esteem. I have been around some moms where I feel nothing but judgement, but not with these moms. I know Mothers Day is about praising your own mom, but I am really grateful for these other moms that, in each their own way, are helping me be a better mom.

Thank you Aunt Julia for our cool shirts from Memphis!
We took the kids to their first movie in a theater today. Call it a perfect trial run for the real deal, because even though this looks like a real movie theater, its actually a community's private theater. One of the mommy friends was able to hook it up for us to take the kids in there, just our little group, to watch Tangled. The first 5 minutes, all 5 of the big kids where sitting quietly in a row, watching the movie, and I really thought, "Wow, my boys are big enough for the theater" But that only lasted 5 minutes. Then it was back to the running, fighting over toys, I-need-a-nap-but-I-am-going-to-fight-it screams. Somehow, we stayed for the whole movie, but it was very obvious we wont be taking the boys to a real movie theater any time soon.

I am a horrible mom. Just look at my sons legs.

And its all over his body. Buba has suffered from eczema since he was a month old. And it has progressively gotten worse. I blame myself because if I could just stay on top of lotioning him head to toe 5 times a day like the doctor says to, it probably wouldn't get this bad. But, I just never can remember or find the time to do this. So he scratches, and bleeds,and wakes up screaming. And then the cream burns the open wounds so he screams even more and he wont let us get near him, and it just keeps getting worse. We went to the doctor again to see if there is any other cream that wont sting and if there is anything else we could do to prevent this from happening.... you know something a little less time consuming. I have always suspected that it might be caused from some kind of allergy because it started right around the time I stopped breastfeeding. But did a doctor ever suggest this? No. Not till I researched and asked did they then inform me most likely it is, and if we want, to try to cut out the high risk foods one at a time to see if it clears up. Milk being number one. I feared this. Dairy is the biggest staple in my boys diet. But I am desperate. I mean seriously look at this poor kid. How many oatmeal baths can you give in a day.

So, it seems I am not so good at keeping it short. Just found out my husbands work is closed on Mothers Day. I couldn't have asked for a better Mothers Day present. Back to my book.

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