Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shoes with the Bar

Its the first day with casts all over again.

Non. Stop. Screaming.

She can't get comfortable. She can't get free. And I would bet her little footsies are aching from being turned out. Holding and bouncy her offers temporary distraction, but my scoliosis-back can only take so much before it cramps up and feels like I am being stabbed with a thousand knives. I really don't know which is more painful, the knives or the screaming.

"She'll get used to them" and I am sure she will. She did with the casts. But I hate seeing her so upset. I've always been worried about her heart whenever she throws an all out tantrum, which is not a normal thing for my laid back, easy going baby.

Clubbed feet is apparently an extremely common thing. And I am always running into people who either had them or who knows someone who did. But I have never seen another baby in casts. I have never ever seen another baby in these horrible, inconvenient, restraining shoes (that she has to wear for 2 years).

We will get past this uncomfortable hump. Hopefully. There are a multitude of other possible bumps down the road though. Crawling and walking- possible with the shoes, but more difficult. My baby turning into Houdini- its vital that she keeps these shoes on for maxim results. And we have to find out how to pad that bar, because she used her casts as deadly weapons, I am sure she will get us with that metal bar. Also have to figure out how to paint it, because, red, seriously? The only color they make the bar in. Why not silver. Or gold, you know the colors metals normally are? Or anything that is neutral that I don't have to worry about my daughter's outfit clashing with her silly bar. Okay, so that last problem is really low on the totem pole. I am still working on not getting hung up over the shallow stuff. But I found myself kinda wishing for the casts back today. The grass is definitely not always greener. 2 years seem like forever from now, but then again, the boys are turning 3 and I am wondering where on earth did that time go. One day, I will only barely remember this inconvenience as part of the past. 2 years is nothing for a life time of usable legs for my daughter.

Pray for patience... for me, and comfort for my daughter.


  1. The pic of Fiona crying and red eyed breaks my heart, I'll be praying for you BOTH. I thought this bar was going to be an improvement from those heavy casts! Precious Fiona will get through this just as she's overcome all other obstacles placed before her. She's such a trooper and I have no doubt she'll make even that horrific red bar look terrific! I'm certain you'll find some way to create different covers or bedazzle the darn thing! :)Give her a big kiss for me!

  2. Oh my, what a trial. It must be so difficult to see her in such discomfort. What a little trooper and you are such a great Mom for going through this. Just think how strong you both will be when this is over! Thinking of you and the precious little Fiona!

  3. Poor baby! I would feel the exact way. You know what tough, if we can make it through things like heart surgery...
    She is such a sweet little thing. Hugs to you both!


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