Saturday, May 14, 2011

When the weather is hot...

Can you feel it? Its in the air- the hot, humid, sticky air. Another summer is approaching that will whirlwind on by with trips, birthdays and pruney-pool-soaked skinned. Its a different feel then that pumpkin- spiced cool air that is my other favorite time of year. But loved for so many different reasons of its own.

We are summer babies- all five of us. And this summer we have got some pretty monumental birthdays to look forward to. B&G turn three. Myself, well I will be 1/4 of my way to a 100. My better half will be rockin' out his last year in his twenties, and the princess turns one. One party after the next. They just keep getting better with age, if that's even possible. Oh ya, and so do we.

Oh, and then there's that big family road trip planned not too far away. The one that involves eight states, five cities, a lot of family, best friends, Lake Michigan fireworks and a very full minivan. Call us crazy, but I'm calling us adventurous. Something that has been lacking from my life since I went from independent to depended on.

Its a summer for the books, so good thing I'm kinda writing one here. Because Lord knows, I am going to wake up to the smell of pumpkin-spice burning and getting picture texts from my dad of the Michigan leaves falling and wonder were the summer went.

Bring on the Florida summer, as long as there's lots of ice cold sweet tea and some type of water to play in near by.


  1. I love the summer, too! You guys have a ton of important birthdays this year, we just have Maggie's first, which I am SUPER stoked for! Your pics make me so excited for the beach!!!! Can't wait.....

  2. Love all your pics! That first one of the shell is so cool!


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