Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Charlie,

Happy Fathers Day to one of the best dads I know. 

Its moments like these that make me love you even more...

It has been amazing watching you grow and mature and take on the most important role of your life. Your boys worship the ground that you walk on and think you are the greatest thing in the world (which of course you are). Every day you work, they ask about you all day long.  And you know you have your daughter's heart. Her first love. You are the glue that holds together our family. The rock that we rest safely on. Thank you for everything you do for us. We wish we could do more for you. We love you, babe.

Shannon, Gavin, Breiden, and Fiona.


  1. Sweet!! Happy Fathers day!! simply lovely! smiles

  2. What Great pictures of Charlie being a dad ...
    Happy Fathers Day Charlie !!!
    Aunt Geri and uncle Rich

  3. These pictures are way too priceless. Love them!

    New follower from the Say Hi Sunday hop!

  4. This was SO sweet, what beautiful pictures! Looks like your kids have an amazing Father :)


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