Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feeling better

Everything happens for a reason.

Thankful that Fiona is doing much better.

Thankful that my kids have been my alarm clock the last two days. I love hearing our bedroom door open and little eyes peeking over the edge of the bed to tell me good morning verses the alarm on my phone.

Thankful that we have health insurance.

Thankful for supportive friends and family that are going to help me make my dream of being a SAHM come true. Especially my dad.

Thankful that Fiona is getting used to her new shoes.

Thankful at least two of my kids like the camera.

This is the one who doesn't.

Thankful for sink baths. Actually, thankful for baths in general, now that the surgeries are healed and the casts are off.

Thankful there is less stress on my plate.

Thankful a best friend is coming in town tomorrow.

Thankful my sister is also coming in town tomorrow.

Thankful for my husband.

Thankful that I am a mom. Something these two monkeys made me three years ago this Saturday.

What are you thankful for today? ( hint- when I am asking this every week, I really am curious! Leave a comment and let me know what gleam of sunshine is in your life. Whether it be just a ray or a bright beam)


  1. Love your blog...just noticed you are a follower of my blog so I had to check yours out. Fiona is beautiful!!! The journey we are on, while unexpected, has allowed us to connect with such amazing people! :)

  2. Love your blog Shannon: You are so eloquent! Fi's foot brace reminds me of mine. I wore it for pigeon toes (well, at least until I unscrewed it to get it off)! Your pics are fabulous. You are truly blessed, as are your adorable kids :)
    Anne Page :)

  3. Playing catch up on your blog!!! The boys' birthday looked like a blast, too bad we couldn't be there! Thinking we need to plan another beach day perhaps this weekend if it doesn't rain!?! This Saturday 6/11 is the 16th Anniversary of my sisters car accident, we thought we lost her and I'm so incredibly thankful that I still have her. GOD is great! Miss you and those kiddos!!


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