Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is Good

Pre open heart surgery....

6 months post open heart surgery...

Thankful for modern medicine, surgeons with extremely good fine motor skills, and a smoothly beating heart keeping my baby pink.

Thankful to own a mini van. Laugh at me all you want, Ill be enjoying my spacious, comfortable ride as we are on the road 50 hours in the next two weeks.

Thankful for my new business adventure (that still allows me to be mostly a stay-at-home). More on that one in a couple weeks.

Thankful that Gavin didn't cut off his toe when he dropped a can of beans on it the other night. I really thought we were looking at our fourth visit to the ER within two weeks, when what I thought was bean juice on the floor was blood. Probably going to lose the toe nail.

Thankful for my parents. My dad who is doing so well, recovering nicely from his kidney donation. And my mom, who is doing so much better on her road to recovery from her blood clots.

Thankful for the 5 minutes of rain we had last night. And that the sky was kind enough to wait till the sun was setting to open up so everyone was still able to enjoy a day outside.

Thankful that the massive amounts of hair I lost post pregnancy are growing back.

Thankful that for the moment, I feel like my life is in control. The kids are more often well behaved then not, my house is staying organized, Fiona's health is stable, my husband and I are getting a lot more time together, and God continues to show me that He will provide.

Every night at dinner, I ask the boys what they are thankful for. Every night they say Papa :) Followed by a lot of other people, including themselves and a few random objects. But its always Papa first. Which reminds me, I am thankful for getting to have dinner with my kids every night.

What are you thankful for today


  1. I am thankful to know you Shannon! I love seeing people who realize that life is a gift and who treasure special moments. That is you to a tee! Great post


  2. I am following you from Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop. Fiona is beautiful. She is two days older than my daughter. I love the post with your twins in the crib with your daughter.


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