Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Anglers

How big was your fish?

"THHIISSS BIG!!! ( arms as big as they can reach) Really strong. I fought hard"

Yep, my husband has taught them well.

Gavin caught his first fish today. And B caught one too. The rest of the day I will be hearing about their Blue "Gi-eels" and how big and strong they were. Men and their fishing stories.

Gavin's first catch! 

Breidens second catch ever. He is becoming a little pro.

Love backyard fishing- well, I love watching my boys in our backyard fishing :) No gators out today.

Speaking of fishing stories, my husband had a pretty good one this week too. He caught an 8ft nurse shark! Not in our backyard.

the damaged hook


  1. Cute pictures! Nothing cuter then boys fishin ;)

  2. So sweet! Priceless memories the boys will always remember.

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  4. This is too cute! Stopping by from Follow me, chickadee. Now following you!


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