Thursday, June 9, 2011

Party Boys

Chuga chuga, choo choo- the boys are no longer two! B and G turned 3!!

Much planning and organizing, and I still forgot half the stuff I needed. But the weather was perfect, the cake was phenomenal and the kids had a blast. That's all the really matters in the end, except there was no way you could convince me of this as I was cutting, hot glue-ing and crafting away on the decorations.

Pre party, we gave the boys their first hockey skates. Some day, when our boys are in the NHL (because they will be) they will read this and know that they cried every Saturday at their skating lessons. They gave us excuses like "I'm too crabby for hockey" ( word for word this is was B told Charlie) and spent the whole half hour wanting to either be carried or to get off the ice. All that is then followed by a whole day of talking about nothing but ice skating and how much they love it.

We missed nap time, or more refused nap time, and I thought for sure they were going to be a disaster at their 3 o'clock party. 3 o'clock, what was I thinking so close to nap time and prime down pour time in SWFL. But neither happened. No nap time melt down or rain of any kind. Well, maybe a few melt downs, but its their party, they can cry if they want to.

Breiden and Gavin were surrounded by all their girl-friends ( seriously friends, you need to start having some boys!) and were the little studs we have trained them to be. We even caught this little action going on, although, I think it was Eva who was the initiator of it. 

I had some amazing help with the cake. And most importantly, the cake tasted as amazing as it looked. I have never had such tasty fondant, the icing was so buttery and smooth and the cake was unbelievably moist (which, FYI, is my least favorite word in the English language) The artist and baker is Jennifer Underwood , and if you live in SWFL I highly recommend her and her sister. You can contact them at or . This is not a paid endorsement, just seriously was that impressed that I had to give her a shout out. 

There was a really pretty 3 on the top of the cake that broke off before we got it to the park :( O ya, and I forgot candles. 

There was lots of playing

Baby sister, enjoying the party.
Diving for juice boxes for his girl-friends
My favorite idea for the party- brown paper bag table covers. Cheap table cloths and the kids could color on them :)

 A train ride

And of course presents

Eh, the presents aren't for me? I'll just cash out.

There may have been no candles on the cake and numerous runs to the store during the party for forgotten items like silverware and balloons ( which ended up in the tree a half hour later).

But its because of this that I love the stress of a child's ( or children's in my case) birthday party.

That awesome invite that you saw at the beginning of the post? That was made by the talented Mary Fearn. My longest, and one of my bestest, friends happens to also be a talented graphic designer who's passion is creating stationary and invitations. And I am hosting a coupon code for her company, PaperTigerInc.

Visit her Etsy site and use LIFESLS15 for 15% off in the month of June. Enter code in the comment box when checking out.


  1. Such great pictures!! Looks like it was an amazing party!! I loved the skating photos, lol, so cute :)

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday boys! I laughed at the "seriously friends, you have to start having boys" because that is all we have and they are different than the families with all girls (ours looks really crazy/wild).


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