Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back in action

All three kids were asleep by 9 tonight, a rarity in our house, my husband was working late so I figured I would pick up a bit and then go to bed early my self. But here I am, nearing midnight and I am still awake. A long day of running, swimming and playing does not equal a long night of deep peaceful slumber for my boys. No, active days bring on painful nights of growing pains, eczema break outs and achy bodies. So it goes, till about 1 am, one will wake up crying, we will cuddle, rub achy legs and eczema oil until he falls asleep and then about 20 minutes later the other one will wake up crying. They each have woken up twice and I think we are in the clear for the rest of the night, although Breiden is sleeping in my bed and there is the chance that he will wake when we go to move him.

When I was a kid, summers you looked forward going to a pool or the lake. Both either required knowing someone who lived on the lake or had a pool or belonged to a club that had a pool. But here in Florida, its easy access to the ocean and pools are everywhere, thanks to nearly everyone living in a gated community. Its the only way to survive a Florida summer- stay in the water. Well, water without sharks or gators, that is.

Shhh... please don't tell our doctor we took her shoes off again.

Florida summers = afternoon showers. Our pool time was cut short due to some awesomely defined lightening and a very odd rain that changed rain drop sizes and intensity with every cloud. The thunder and lightening had subsided by they time we pulled in our drive way and so I let the boys play in the rain. They asked for their rain boots and coat (which they do not own) but I convinced them their bathing suits where perfect rain weather wear.

The twin thing can be ridiculously overwhelming at times, but then there are days like today where I am so thankful that there are two of them. We stayed cooped up indoors the rest of the afternoon, Fiona by my side as I cooked and cleaned and checked some things off my To-Do list, and the boys just played. They played in their clean room, jumping on beds and wrestling on the floor, playing red-light-green-light around our open kitchen, made a mountain of pillows to climb and tents made from blankets to hide under. They fought over toys, that I  threatened to take away and then they quickly figured out how to share it. One time they didn't, so Breiden pouted in his room till he forgot about the toy. But mostly they played, together, like best friends. Which they will tell you they are if you ask them. But then again, they will also say Fo-nas their best friend. And Charlie. And Henry. And me, of course.

I love kitchen sink baths. They are my favorite. I don't know why I never thought to do this with the boys, I could have put one on each side of the sink. Maybe because they were crawling two seconds after they could sit and I would never have been able to get them to stay in the sink. Fiona loves it in her little bath. Splashing the water, hitting the metal, playing peek-a-boo as I disappear below the level of the sink and pop up to her shy smile. If only she could stay just this size forever, small enough to sit in a little metal sink, content with her hands splashing in the water. I want to remember her simple happiness forever.

     Feeling pretty good with a clean house, leftovers for dinner tomorrow, sleeping babies and good memories.

Oh ya, and baby did this tonight for the first time ever. At 11 months, she feel asleep feeding herself. And was a little delerious when I tried to take the empty bottle away. I had a hard time putting her in her crib as she snuggled into my shoulder when I picked her up. Sweet dreams.


  1. Stopping by from a Monday Hop! I am your newest follower =] Please stop by my blog and follow back =] Thank you and have a nice week!
    - Cassondra / Mama's Passions

  2. Sometimes I wish my 4 year old had a twin, or a sibling really close in age. She is always asking for someone to play with. I love the picture of them playing in the rain. :)

  3. Yaay for holding her own bottle!! Russell didn't do that until well after a year old! lol

  4. The picture of your 2 boys on the pavement is awesome! I love it. i always say I am going to go bed early once my daughter is in bed and I somehow am always up late doing bloggy stuff!! Happy Monday!

  5. Popping over from Say Hi Sunday. Your kids are adorable! One at a time is work but Twins! I bet it is both tiring and fun. Loved the wonderful photos from your vacation, especially the beach photos. Just now I almost wish I was in Florida. I'm in South Dakota and it feels like Florida this week, but not beach to keep me cool.

  6. Found you blog via the TAT blog hop. You have a beautiful family!

    I hear you on the late night wakings. Since Sunday my 18mo has been waking up several times a night. I'm hoping it's just the heat and the thunderstorms (we're in NY) and not the dreaded sleep-regression!


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