Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bird houses and Dino bones

 Bird house painting- take 2.

I was a little more relaxed this time and the boys listened a little better this time. No mixing brushes in the wrong color or painting the floor. Well, the boys didn't paint the floor. Van Gogh swiped a paintbrush when I was not looking. And she painted. Her legs, the floor, her shoes, anything in her little arm's length.

An artist in the making. She knew exactly what to do with that brush. Thinking about investing in  one of these. Not so messy.

I forced us out of the house, to let my husband sleep in. Out into the heat for some fresh air. Well, heavy humid fresh air. We only lasted about an hour and half, but at least we got out. The water park (that costs money) next to the playground was kinda a tease as I sat in the shaded but still hot "Dino dig" - or so we call it although there are no Dino bones, just Seminole Indian artifacts. People floated by on the other side of the fence on the lazy river. We'll have to do that soon.

peeking over at the water park

  The boys aren't bothered by the heat, and run and play as they always do, going back and forth from the covered dig to the playground. Fiona and I stayed on the cool rocks, lusting over the lazy river.

Definitely doing something involving water next.

But I have the organizing/rearrange bug right now, and have destroyed our house in the name of making it more functional and comfortable ( sorry hunny) So keeping this short so I can get everything back in its place before my husband gets home.


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  2. Looks like they all had a great time painting the bird houses!
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