Saturday, July 16, 2011

One month

  I have started writing a few posts, but then deleted them all. Nothing seems to be too worthy of writing of lately. And I know I am way over due for a thankful post. Not much has been going on since we got back from our trip,  as we are still trying to get back into the swing of things. Plus, a lot of my down time has been spent either catching up on Weeds, which my husband and I are totally sucked into, or using my creativeness to make a new rug for our bathroom... or multitasking and doing both.

 On top of it, the weather hasn't been very helpful. I am not sure if it was this hot before we left or  I just now notice it since I can compare it to the beautiful northern weather we had, but it is hot here. Energy draining hot. You would think, hope, that the rain would relieve some of the humid pressure, but no, it just intensifies it.

  One nice thing about Florida's hot summers, though, is the heat lightening. I love watching this amazing show our evenings give us after the sun sets.

 This is actually Australia, not Florida, but it looks that same here. Pretty amazing, huh? Wish I could take credit for capturing this picture.

     Fiona is a 11 months old today. And here's the best part. I know where every second of those 11 months went. It didn't go too fast and it didn't feel like I blinked my eye and- bam- I am planning my daughters first birthday. A blessing of everything that we have gone through with Fiona perhaps. Not only have I not taken one moment with her for granted, overlooked any milestone- small or large-, but she is still a baby. I find myself truly enjoying this no-rush to grow up, its going to take me a little extra time to learn- pace we have with Fiona. She is smaller then a newborn baby born in Texas a few days ago, 12 month clothes drown her and she has the squishiest, low muscle, fat rolls. I do hate the looks that accompany me saying her age. The moms that "know" everything because they have had one baby and want to speak their mind about how small she is, how she is not crawling, what they did with their perfect baby, etc. Something that if Fiona looked more like she had Down syndrome would never be judged on me. And unfortunately, there isn't always enough time to get into the Down syndrome-heart defect-clubbed feet discussion, so I have to leave knowing that unjust judgement has been placed on me and my daughter. 

   Sometimes, its just nicer to stay at our home, in our bubble, where we solely concentrate on the cans not the can'ts. Like how she adores her big brothers and throws a fit when they leave her sitting alone by her self. Like how she laughs hysterically when we nibble at her neck or spin her around. That she is not only happy, but the most content baby I have ever been around. We cheer when she waves, clap when she picks something up on her own, and jump up and down when she stands for more then 1 second. We are proud of her. That through heart surgery, casts and brace, she is as advanced as she is. 

  We have started working with physical therapy finally. I don't know what we would do without our therapy team, and are so happy to welcome Sophia. She is just amazing with Fiona. The princess isn't totally okay with this working hard thing, but with her new PTs help, we are strengthening her little core and may be having a crawling one year old before we know it. 

   A year ago I was planning hospital bags and two weeks worth of clothes for the NICU. Now I am planning a celebration. Not just for her first year of life, but for everything she has overcome in this first year. 

  The thing I love about this blog, is that in order to have something to write about, it keeps me active. It keeps me involved with my kids and makes me pay more attention to their every move, their every word so that I can relive it here. Catching their every word has been very hard lately because the boys have been talking... a lot... and at the same time. Its quiet funny to watch this little show, especially when the conversations are with random people. Like the man at the bank, who I think regretted asking the boys about their super hero shirts. No more excuses, whether the weather is bad or not, this family is making memories and staying busy. That is me keeping myself accountable. 



  1. Love the necklace....gotta start her young on the accessorizing!

  2. Weeds is so awesome! I love that show! cant wait for the season to start!

  3. Your rug is AMAZING! I absolutely love it! Fiona is such a doll and I agree... cute necklace!


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