Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Overcast, Sunny, Lazy, Productive Day

It was one of those days that started way too early after a day that ended way too late. Three stuffy kids, two stuffy adults, and one teething baby. Our little morning ritual, in which ever of the boys wakes up first crawls into bed with me, is what makes waking up worth while in my house. We try to do this as quietly as we can so daddy doesn't know, cuddling till I am awake enough to open my eyes. Some days I get a good extra half hour like this, but today, instead of climbing in bed, Gavin whispers in my ear "Fo-na's awake".

So, crusty-eyed and sleep delirious, I started my day too early. With kids that were cranky from less-then-perfect sleep themselves, noises dripping and throats itching. Through the blurr of the frosted TV cabinet, I watched till I saw double digits on the clock on the cable box, woke up the other half, and took the boys to the pool. Best cure for some runny noises? Jumping over and over in a chlorine filed pool.

I like the variations they chose, sometimes head first, sometimes flying like a bird... my personal favorite, the spastic jump. This picture is from our honeymoon

 These little suckers came with us, so I spent the majority of the time retrieving them from the bottom of the pool. What is the fascination with these trains that torment me to no end??

The weather was perfect. Warm but not hot, sunny but yet the sky was full of thick clouds, so no straight sun rays beamed down directly on us. Overcast and sunny.

And just like the weather, the day was one big oxy-moron. We didn't do much because I wanted the kids to rest, and I needed it too because I never escape healthy when the kids get sick. But yet, I still got a lot done today. Small errands that I was able to check off my list, lusting after my Canon Rebel that I will get someday while picking up birthday gifts and teething tablets, catching up on emails and unfinished conversations, and even managed to get the house clean at the end of the night. Well, for the most part.

I kind of forgot to mention that Fiona is getting tubes... Friday. Its hard to get worked up about a surgery after she dominated her heart surgery, laughed at her foot surgery, but its still a surgery and I should probably be taking it a little more seriously then I am. Or maybe I am just to a point that I not only believe but fully trust God knows what He's doing. Shes in his hands, and therefore I know she will always be okay. Even if I'm not okay. So surgery number 3, here we go. Prayers that it all goes smoothly. This will probably be the first of a few leading up to permanent tubes once she is bigger. All in the name of hearing, and we want princess to hear. Dying to see how her communication changes after this. Maybe mama will start to be used really for mama. Here's for hoping. And trusting.


  1. If you live anywhere near water you just HAVE to know how to do the crazy legs jump.
    Tubes...easy stuff compared to heart surgery....for baby and mama.

  2. Hope that you guys are feeling better! Good luck on Friday!

  3. you have a cute family! Where did you go on your honeymoon? I hope the surgery goes well tomorrow too.

    New blog follower! Feel free to come back and enter my great giveaways!

  4. Ah, jumping in a pool...looks wonderful!! Good luck with the surgery tomorrow - I'm sure she'll face it like a champ!

  5. Hi,
    I'm your newest follower please come follow me back

  6. I was nervous when Russ got tubes too...But it was a breeze...And like you said she has already had the major surgeries so I am sure she will be a champ through the whole thing!!! I noticed a difference in Russell right away after tubes, he would startle really easy, as though it was the first time hearing things so vividly...And he started really coping sounds and things we were saying.
    So, good luck tomorrow :)...I'll be thinking of you!

  7. Adam has to have a train every step of his day. He calls one "bathtub Thomas" b/c it spends most of its time in the tub. He wakes me up at night to retrieve a tiny Thomas the train if it ever falls out of his hand.

    Hoping all goes well with the tubes.

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  9. Beautiful pictures!
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    PS> Nice music :)

  10. Good luck with the surgery. You have beautiful children. New follower from blog hop Thursday. Hope you would stop by my blog and follow back.


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