Sunday, July 31, 2011

The weekend finale

There is a little bit of magic in a warm bath billowing with bubbles. Magic that truly washes away the stress from the day month, relaxes you down to your sudsy toes, and leaves you thinking about things like books and red wine. If only I had red wine.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn- Betty Smith
We have had rare Sundays where my husband has been home lately. And hopefully, with a possible change in his work schedule, we will be getting more of them. I can't begin to describe how nice its going to be to have my husband home on the weekends. And to not use vacation days for birthday and Christmas parties. This Sunday, Mr. Right let me get some kid-free time. I wish I had used it a little more creatively then just browsing at Target, but it was still nice to be out, with no car seat buckling, toy begging, drink dropping kids.

The same kids that I was ecstatic to see when I opened the door. The kids that are just as excited about groceries as they are about Christmas presents. Frozen pizzas and milk get the same enthusiasm as a new train. Sundays seem to hold some magic too. That relaxing, family indulging magic. Where we eat together and play together and the kids are in bed by eight. I'm just blacking out all the whining and injuries in between.

Cheers to family and Sundays and stress-cleansing bubble baths. If only I had that glass of red wine.


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