Friday, August 12, 2011

A Different Plan

Bright and shiny lights set infront of a dark backdrop, bodies that morph into pretzels, pure humor that is predictably funny, breath-holding stunts, creepy but intreging costumes set to the mysterious french sounding music.Happy 29th birthday to my better half. And before the Cirque du Soleil comes after me for taking pictures in their show (which is highly forbidden) these are not my pictures.

all images taken from Google images search Alegria Cirque du Soleil

You're one year shy of your ideal age for marriage. So I hope there are no regrets in marrying me 3 years before you planned. I think it worked out for the best :)

Our birthdays are always celebrated in the same fashion- a night out to dinner without the kids. But before we escape, the kids help us celebrate. Publix was out of Lemon Margange Pie, (ya, I would try to make it but been there and failed miserably, so I just buy it now) traditional brithday cake it was. The kids picked everything, including the Batman card. Just read it closely...

Its been an emotional week. Trying to repress anger that the whole The Change Up bigtry comment set off. I just want to give them a big F you and shake them. It kills me that there has been no apology, no guilt, no remorse for what they scripted into their movie. To me that translates "Who cares, their just a bunch of retards anyway. Their opions and feelings don't matter. Just get over it." God, that hurts. Laugh at jokes that make fun of you for things you choose in life- actions, words, style... but jokes that make fun of a person for what they don't choose? For what they cannot control? They cannot admit that that is crossing the line? And after thousands have poured out how hateful and hurtful those two little lines were, they cannot offer at least a generic apology?

But saying F you wouldn't do anything. (And wouldn't be the kind of example I would want to set for my kids). I have read tens of letters written to Universal, Jon Lucas, and Ryan Reyonlds eloquently educating that its unexceptionable to speak that way. And nothing. NDSC said it best when they said " It may seem like we are spinning our wheels..." That's exactly what it feels like. It feels like that when a good friend says something is retard for the hundredth time after we have asked them to not say that. It feels that way when I see someone hit their chest with their hand, mimicking someone who does not have good muscle control. It feels that way when I see someone get irritated at the grocery store when the cashier is being so incredibly nice to them, because shes different, and taking up their time. We live in a world that boosts its self esteem by swiping at those we think are below us.

So sometimes, I am thankful for rainy days that keep me indoors with the kids. One-on-one time with a beautiful blessing God gave me, playing peek-a-boo around my phone as I am trying to take her picture.

Just avoiding the ignorance that we are surrounded by. The world were you are better if you have designer stuff and cooler if you belittle people. I am thankful for being blessed with a daughter with Down syndrome. That God shook me and said "This is what is important in life." I am thankful for fights and tears. Sometimes they are just needed to make everything better. I am thankful for rain and heat and unexpected interruptions. Without them, everything in life would be just too predictable. I am thankful for friends that get it. Thankful for  a husband who is as passionate about our kids as I am. Thankful for self-control and being able to hold my tongue when needed. Thankful for this space to sort it all out... and the backspace button to delete the hate that sometimes comes out. I am thankful to be right here, right where I am in life, 5 years ahead of my plan. Thankful that God's plan is better then mine.


  1. I literally had goosebumps reading this...and what a beautiful song! I've never heard it before.

    Have a wonderful day. Enjoy that family & soak up all those things you are thankful for. I pity the people that pity me b/c they have no idea the richness that Down syndrome brings to my life.

  2. Tears came a fall'n on this one! I love that you share your feelings on here. And I love that your such an amazing mom.



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