Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There is a legend of this little girl and her first day of school. She loved Cinderella and mustard on her cheese, and she was 3 going on 15. The school door opened, and off she went, running down the hall way waving good bye to her mom. Her mom called out, "Shannon, do you even know where you are going?" 3 year old me replied, " I'll find it"
Me on my first day of school, 1989
So, it wasn't too much of a surprise today, when the school doors swung open, Gavin and Breiden took off without even a glance or a wave,  to their first day of preschool. I managed to get a sideways-leave-already-mom hug as I "reassured" them I would be back after lunch to pick them up. I pretty much got hands waving me off with a "ya, ya, whatever mom" as I left my big boys to do their thing. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I will fight, blood and tears, to always drive the kids to school, even though they are dieing to ride a school bus someday. They can get their fill of that ride traveling for sports. No, school, they will be driven by me. Because I love that ten minute drive. The excitement, the chatter, and then the drive home filled with stories and reenactments of the days events. Children's love for learning is refreshing and inspiring. And watching their little wheels turn and click as they absorb and grasp information is a personal high. Like, this mornings ride, discovering a tiny rainbow and the oos and aas that accompanied that small learning moment.

We went from hardly ever getting any family time, to this. Its a privilege to stay home with the kids, and I thank my husband for making this work for our family. We just needed more of this in our life. Who cares about money, we are living big in our own way. Together.

How many weeks ago did I say I was thankful for my new running shoes? Well, they hit the pavement finally tonight. And it felt good. I have no desire in running marathons, but 2-3 miles is a natural high for me. A love that I have missed and neglected for the last year. Well, I am back. All it takes is getting out there once, and then I'm hooked again. Maybe some Fiona-mommy running time  with all those 8 hours a week we get now with out the boys. Ya, I am loving that freedom. Megan, I'll be calling you about borrowing the single jogger till baby Walsh gets here.

Now, time to get back to Shark Week...


  1. They grow up so fast. I really love how you love the 10 minute drive. It tells alot about your heart and just sitting and loving every moment with your kiddos.

    The waterpark? Looks amazing. And, honestly, I'm a bit jealous because it was empty (or maybe it wasn't but it certainly didn't look crowded) -- as that would be my dream scenario. My kids would LOVE that.

    Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday.


  2. My favorite pics are of your boys in front of the doors. The first day of school, preschool...it's the newness, the excitement and when they walk through those doors for the first time, you know they are embarking on an adventure.

    I love your photography and want to learn about embedding side-by-side photography.

    Keep Smiling:)

  3. Really fantastic photos!! There is a runner lurking deep inside of me. I just haven't found her yet!

  4. Hello I am a new follower & would love if you could follow me back thanks so much

  5. Oh my gosh, LOVED the school photos!!! So cute :)

  6. It seems like yesterday I was taking my babies to school for the first time...it was so hard to let them go. Now they are 8 and 13, so I have had a while to get used to it. I would still love to just keep them at home. Check out my post on back to school snacks if you get a chance! Visiting and following from You Like Me Hop...hop over to my blog and follow back if you like!



  7. I am here from boost my blog...this looks like an amazing time you had. those boys are adorable and your red shoes...are so darn cute!

  8. You orchestrated everything so perfectly to tell your story in this post. Absolutely touching and inspiring!

    Following you now and would appreciate a follow back at momsbestnest.blogspot.com!


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