Sunday, August 7, 2011

I wanna be a cowboy...

Dirt, sweat, sweltering heat, and cowboy hats. Isn't that every little boys dream?

Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia, it has been amazing to watch you grow up with the boys. And a horse riding party? Girl, you have some good taste.


My boys are creatures of habit. They are quick to make traditions out of little things, and some of their traditions I really look forward too. Like playing in the rain. Ya, that's probably my favorite. 

With twins, they always have each other. But I still love when they want me to play, too. So, the peanut napped and we played. And played. I let things like bills, and battle of wills, and the r-word, slip from my mind and let the rain soak through cloths and mascara run. The ever balancing act of the bad and the great. 


  1. Great post! New follower from the Blog Hop--I am following you on GFC. Hope you'll stop by my site and follow me back :)

  2. Love it! It is so nice to be a kid with the kids even if only for a few minutes every day. I am thankful for the perspective coloring, hide & seek, and playing in the rain can give.

  3. They sure are some handsome little cowboys :)

  4. I love when little ones start their own traditions! Playing in the rain, so cute! They are darling little cowboys!!!

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