Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Moose, a turtle and a Moo...Moo..Moo...

When Moose A Moose is the only voice you can hear in your head, you have officially been inducted into parenthood. We got artsy and crafty today with a little homemade play-dough action. Thanks to a recipe I got from Pudge and Biggs.

This is how you should do it...

*not my image*
Ya, this is how I do it...

In my defense,  when you have two kids pulling at you to play with this play-dough that don't grasp the concept of time and a little one begging to be picked back up, you just don't have time for the organized, pretty way.

Gavins "sidewalk" Breidens person. Gavin wins for creativity.

The hairdresser in me came out and taught the kids the color wheel, and had some fun mixing the primary colors to make the secondary ones. The boys just enjoyed me finally letting them smash the colors together.And Gavin was thrilled we were turning everything green. Ya, and that's not poop in the middle... I promise.

20 minute prep, a full hour of fun play, a full hour plus of clean up. Worth it? I think so. Even with having to scrub blue play-dough out of our brand new play area rug? Yes, still  worth it.

We have a new addition to the family. 

My husband swears we are only keeping him a week and then letting him go back to his home, the pond behind our house. He swears that he is safer here with us because he is so tiny he has a high chance of getting eaten by a fish or a gator. But Mr Turtle (whom Gavin calls G and Breiden calls B...  we've got some real out-of-box thinkers here) hates his new little cube of a home. I say I am sorry to him a hundred times a day as he is peeing his shell in the corner of the aquarium, planning his escape route. Thanks, little buddy, for putting up with us for a short while so my boys can dote over G, or B, or whatever we are calling you for the week. Just enjoy the free meal each day and soon you will be back to your big spacious pond, I promise.


I never thought this would be a hard thing. I mean I dreaded this every day, 5 to 7 times a day, for the last 12 months. Solely pumping for my solely breast milk fed baby. And literally have been counting down the days when I could pack up that noisy boob sucker and say good riddance forever. But day 0 came and went, and here I am, still pumping, pushing it further and further apart, but still pumping.

Too much information? Ya, then this post is not for you. Breastfeeding is an awkward and uncomfortable topic for a lot of people (although it is a perfectly natural, non sexual thing), but milking yourself like a cow with a machine, just not something most people want to visualize. Hence why you will night see ANY pictures of such on here. But it has been a huge part of my life for a full year and somehow as much as I find it inconvenient and slightly uncomfortable, I just can't let go of the thing my body has done for my daughter. 

Its definitely not bonding in the way that breastfeeding is, but there is a connection in knowing that my body produces all my baby needs. And while we have finally started supplementing with cow milk , I am finding it hard to completely let go. To let my self dry up. The point of no return. I went almost two whole days without pumping and then caved at 11 at night. Filled up a whole bottle that I happily fed to my baby.

Moms talk about not being able to let go of breastfeeding, and I get that. But every one hates pumping. Its a task, not a moment. So I think I am just a little crazy. And you probably do, too.

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  1. I was a sole pumper for my guy too. He would never latch on properly and the low muscle tone made it hard. I loved it too....something about seeing what your body is producing.....xo

  2. I was pretty relieved to stop breast feeding/pumping. I work full time and it was such a pain to find time in the day to pump. Then when I got home, I felt like I spent all my home-time breast-feeding. Not going for a walk, not reading books, not having a tickle-fight, just breastfeeding.

    So, right around the 12 month mark, we started weaning and by 13 months and change, it was finished.

    I do sometimes miss it, but mostly I relish all the other things I get to do with my daughter.

  3. New follower from You Like Me Friday Hop. I hope you can stop by sometime -


  4. We made playdoh this weekend too. Our experience wasn't as great as yours. All Claire wanted to do was eat it. :)

    On the pumping, totally with you. I exclusively pumped for a year. And when it was time to quit, I was so excited, but also felt lost without pumping as a part of my routine. It was very bittersweet to finally pack up the pumps.


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