Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Year

Party decorations still hang from our ceiling, a lingering reminder that my baby has turned the big ONE. And while I have been avoiding cleaning the party aftermath taking my time getting the house back in order, we have been enjoying what we can of Florida's summer. The only way you can enjoy it.... in the water.

Little sister has become quiet the personality. Dare you not include her in everything you are doing, she will make her opinion known. And after the third or forth time, we have decided that her crossing her arms at Miss Sophia when she has had enough of therapy, is not a fluke movement. She's sassy, this little one.

You may wonder why we always play in our front yard? Well besides the fact the we had not only a 7 foot gator but also an 8 foot gator and a 9 foot gator removed from the pond in our backyard, our grass is infested with red ants that no matter how many times we have it sprayed, they are still there. Some of the small prices you pay for 365 days of sunshine.

Once again, a Thursday came and went and I forgot to do my thankful post. Scratch the Thursday part, its just Thankful day.

Thankful this week for friends who have cool toys... and share :)

 Thankful for Florida rains giving breaks to beautiful skies like this.

Thankful for the bond between brothers, and how together or apart, they are strong, unique, one of a kind boys. Proud of them for doing well on their first day apart since Gavin's surgery back when they were barely one. B was sick Thursday, and Gavin ventured off to school on his own... and did great. Thankful B is feeling better.

Thankful to be able to witness the bond of brotherhood. A world of trains and trucks, dinosaurs and super heroes  and the never ending wrestling match. Thankful that I have Fiona to do the whole tea party and doll thing with, but I have fallin in love with the way that my boys play.


Thankful for good friends, nights out, and the chance to refresh so I am better with my kids.

Thankful for Fiona's knew equipment!!
Old Bar

New Bar!

She's free! Sorta. At least she is free to bend her legs independently. This allows her to be more comfortable and makes it next to impossible for her to pull her foot out of the shoe since the bar will come up with her if she pulls one leg. Try to get out of this one, Houdini! (Any moms who follow me and have or are expecting a baby with clubbed feet, I HIGHLY recommend the Dobbs bar. Wish we had started with this one)

Thankful for my dad and step mom coming down for Fiona's first birthday. It was short and sweet, but always great to see them. 

Thankful for meeting new friends this week! More on that one later.

Thankful for my husbands new work schedule. SOOO thankful for my husbands new work schedule. And thankful that because of his job, my boys get opportunities like this...

...I wanna drive the zamboni, yes I do...

Thankful that Naples is doing the Buddy Walk again this year. I applied to run one in our town, but we are too close to Naples and they had already applied. I was bummed for a moment, but then realized now I can just enjoy that day :)

Thankful forAlexis Novak (and completely flattered) that she nominated me to be featured on Hot and Healthy Mom  as Hot Mama of the Week.

Thankful for this little peanut who rocked our world. I am thankful every day for what she has done for us and how I continue to grow and learn from this sweet blessing God has given us. The hard times are hard, but makes the good times that much sweeter. Thankful for Hylands teething tablets, as she has started cutting her first teeth... her molars. Yes, her back teeth are coming in first. I've been told although this is not the norm, its not a bad thing. But it sure is painful for her.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I cant believe there has been gators in your yard!!! We have bears come into our yard...Guess that's the price we pay to live out here where we do!
    Fiona's new bar looks so much more comfortable! And the boys, cute as always :)

  2. I don't know much about the bars, but the new one looks so much better!

  3. Sounds like you've had some exciting times in your backyard! I'd definitely want my kids in the front yard, too! I wore a brace like Fiona's old one when I was her age.

  4. Im thankful for my bed, which is summoning me ;) I think your photos are gorgeous! I love boys and water and filling things up.

  5. I love your blog! Please follow me back at:

    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  6. xo Sweet comment, Girl. And great minds think alike, that is all. I'm ready to get on board with Buddy Walk prep! Your blog and pics are so beautiful. Fiona...well, she's just heaven. Can't wait to see her in person again.


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