Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Parenting Dilemma

The drive home from school. Even more sweet then the drive to school because the excitement isn't from anticipation of the days events but from the days events. Just like every drive home, I ask the what did you dos (following the list they give each day telling me what they did so I can ask specific questions) and who did you meet. They parrot back the things I ask that they did and always respond with an enthusiastic "YES!" when asked if they made friends.

"What are you friends names?"

This questions is either followed by " the kids", "the boys", ",Gavin (or) Breiden (depending one which one answers)" or just silence. They had yet to respond with an actual child's name. Until today.

Today I learned about Ava. Okay, they made friends with the ONE girl in their class. They told me that Ava was smaller then them, that they were bigger. Which was probably just repeating an exercise from class because they have been learning about size relationship. So I pried more. I want them to make some guy friends. No offense little Ava, happy to get to know you, its just we have a lot of girl friends already.

"Did you make any other friends"

I wasn't prepared for this one... " Drew. Drew kicked me."

Pause. Absorb... okay is this real? Is there really a Drew in their class? My mind searches the list I look at every morning when I check them in. I can't remember a Drew but I really only look at the two names the surround my boys. One being Ava so I know she really does exist. Which makes me think Drew exists too.

I have spent all afternoon playing detective. Watching what he does and says when I ask him about Drew and about what happened. Breiden is not usually a liar, Gavin tends to lie more to me. But still, I don't want to go making accusations to the teacher if my son is just making up a story. And I don't want to go tattle tell on this little punk who picked on the wrong kid if actually its my little punk who initiated it. But I can't get the full story out of B. He can't tell me why Drew kicked him. In the nose no less. And I can't help but think this story is being blow out of proportion because Miss Angie told me today was a great day, the kids were all great.

I don't know how to approach the teacher about this. Gosh, I so do not want to be the over involved parent who stirs up trouble. But I also don't want a little bully pushing kids around. And, honestly,  I am slightly scared that she is going to tell me that its my boys who start the trouble. My biggest fear since I realized all the rough brother-twin play they do isn't going to fly on kids that aren't used to having siblings.

Funny thing is, I think I may know who this Drew is. There is always a little boy who is crying when I drop the boys off who doesn't seem to be handling being away from mom too well. It kinda just screams hes never been away from mom and is a spoiled only child. The kind of kid that would get really pissed off if someone took his toy.

Too be continued this thursday, when I nervously confront the teacher.

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  1. I just found your blog through The Adventures of my family of 8's blog hop. And I am so glad I did! I have 3 yr old twins boys (06/01/08) And a one year old little girl :) I am excited to follow your blog and here about osmeone in a similiar kids situation!

  2. That's quite a mark. Does he have a bump too? No matter what your son might have done, no one deserves to be kicked in the face. I hope you find out what really happened!

  3. Okay, I probably should have clarified that the mark on his nose was from a prior incident, that he self inflicted. I have no physical evidence of this drew's kick to his nose.

  4. Soory to hear that this happend! Kids will be kids... I have seen 2-3 yr slap, kick, bite etc... Most importantly it's up to the parents then the teachers to teach right from wrong. We can't assume as parents about a situation until we know the whole story. Just because a child who always crys DOES NOT mean they are spoiled and an only child. By seeing this kid who u think might be Drew would u draw that conclusion without knowing anything about him? It makes me so mad that people assume that just because a child is crying at school and might be the one who kicked your kid that he is an only child. Don't get me wrong, I would be upset too if this happend to Sophia. I would make sure I got the whole story first. Hopefully u did.


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