Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why to Enjoy the Small Things

By instruction of one of her therapists, we are supposed to be teaching Fiona "NO". The no as in, "NO! What you are doing is bad or dangerous and you urgently need to stop". Its something, at her age, she should understand. Because, at her age, she should be moving around and getting into things that could be bad or dangerous, but she's not (Thank God for this blessing in disguise!). All the same, we were told to start working on teaching her this when the opportunity arises...

So she was playing a little too rough with her new friend Addison, or she was eating yet another piece of paper (her favorite teething soother) and this is how Fiona reacts to being told NO

The BIGGEST bottom lip ever. I love this face more then anything. Oh, don't let her fool you. This is her acting. (Her crying face is much different then this adorable, exaggerated pout) This is her saying, "You can't be mad at me, I am too darn cute" And its working, girl.

Mom and Dad, Fiona has the Squiggy hair style, too :)

Yes, she knows it works.

Especially on her daddy, who she totally has wrapped around her finger.

Okay, I am completely wrapped around her finger, too. Only no one takes pictures of me with her.

I am a Kelle Hampton follower, along with 14 plus thousand people. I credit her and her honesty coated in surgery words and pictures to helping me find peace with Fiona's diagnosis as quickly as I did. But as I was searching Google for some info on her upcoming book and an article she had in a Parents magazine, I accidentally clicked on the second search Google pulled up with her name- Kelle Hampton Annoying- and was surprised with how much came up.

There is a lot of hate towards this woman, who is a fellow SWFL resident and an acquaintance of mine. Most of it is open jealously. Moms admitting they despise her because she is the kind of mom who plays with her kids, is really crafty, has impeccable style and is in really good shape. ( Almost everyone mentioned how they thought it was conceded she posted so many pictures of her self, that all probably goes back to that they are jealous they don't look as good as her?). Some of the hatred was towards how they think she used Nella's diagnose for fame or reacted poorly to learning of Nella's diagnosis. These people, mind you, never had to be told "Your baby has Down Syndrome" and their judgments were ignorant. And even worse, some were attacking that she sugar coated Down syndrome. Direct quote, "Its easy to love a baby, but what is she going to do when Nella's 30? It aint going to be so pretty then". I'll come back to this one in a second. But a lot of the hatred stemmed from people who thought she was all lollipops and rainbows. How she only talks about the good things, finds sweetness in even the bad things, and people were seriously disgusted by her because they think her life is too good.

I think these people missed the title of her blog. Enjoying the Small things. A place for her to solely concentrate on the good things in life. She focuses that big fancy camera of hers, crops out the surrounding chaos, and shows the beauty around it. Her choice to look at life this way is invigorating. Refreshing, from humans natural urge to poor out negativity and complaints. (Hence, the vast hate Kelle comments and posts out there).

I am writing this post because I haven't been able to get this off my mind all day. Especially, the comments about how Kelle sugar coats Down syndrome into a fairy tale. The same fairy tale that gave me so much comfort when I was learning of Fiona's own diagnosis. They accuse her of deceiving people, but they are so wrong. So wrong. Enjoying life is a choice. My life is now filled with doctors and therapy sessions,  inconveniences and an unknown future, but it is also filled with love and laughter and joy in many many small things. Kelle shows exactly what I wish more people would see, she shows that there are still moments worth having with a baby who is less then medically perfect. Back when Fiona was still just a growing baby in my belly, Kelle taught me, through her rose-colored glasses, to see my daughter as my baby, first. Not to let Down syndrome define her. To concentrate on the cans, not the can'ts and enjoy all the small things.

I appreciate that the Internet, this blogging world, gives everyone a voice. A platform to share opinions, all which are respected. A lot of the hate comments came from fellow DS moms. Moms who can't look past the diagnosis to see all the amazing things their child has to offer. Moms who are stuck in a negative, self-pitting place. I just want to thank Kelle for her sugar-coated view on life. That she doesn't dive into what our human nature tells us to when bad stuff comes along, but she treads along till she finds something unique, something beautiful, and then and only then she shares it with the world. We don't only have a choice of what to write here, but we also have a choice of what to read. And I like the option to read something positive every once and awhile (or how ever often Kelle posts :)


  1. I, too, saw these mean posts about Kelle and while I don't know her I really enjoy her blog! I was also offending a little by how everyone was referring to DS negatively and how she is too sugary about everything. The funny thing is I actually have a completely different perspective on life since Emily's birth and I actually do see things more positively than I ever have! I love her blog and will keep on "Enjoying the Small Things"! If you see her tell her to keep on keepin on no matter what people say even though I have no doubt that she will!

  2. I can remember first being told about the possibility of my son having DS, luckily the first blog I came across was Kelle's. It was just what I needed to read. I cried reading her birth story, it was honest and real. I was hooked. She is right, DS does make you see life differently. That is a good thing. She is truly an inspiration. My son does have DS (he is 15 months), and my family is happy and we do "enjoy the small things".

  3. I know Kelle and can tell you she is just as amazing as her writing. She is honest. She is real. While some have never gotten over the heartache of their child having DS, Kelle {and I...and you} love and adore everything about our girls with designer genes. What I have discovered in the past five years is that some parents are jealous that I am so proud of and push Kayla to be the best she can be...and they are jealous that I choose to focus on the best things in life. Thanks for writing this post- I am sure Kelle will love it! :) Fiona is a doll...you have no reason but to love her...perhaps even a few extra reasons! :)

  4. I love Kelle, too. I do love that she focuses on the positive. She has definitely shared her feelings about things she dislikes, too...but I love that she wants to enjoy life and make the most of it...versus just trying to get through each day. It's a beautiful thing to see and I'm glad she has been such an inspiration to you, as she's been a wonderful inspiration to me as well. xoxo

  5. Love that first picture!!! What an adorable little pout!

  6. Love the pout! SOOOO cute! As for the Kelle haters, I really feel like they are just jealous. She makes the best of what is handed to her and she expresses herself along the way. Can't please everyone!

  7. What a cute pout! I am a new follower. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Hope to see you on my blog - Free eBooks Daily. (You can even read ebooks on your computer or smartphone!)

  8. No one is jealous of Hampton Sarah, grow up! Hampton is an attention seeker who will exploit her children at any cost. She posted nude pictures of her kids for God's sake. All you mommy bloggers who follow her are unbelievably pathetic.

  9. Dear Anonymous- I thought about deleting your comment to get rid of the negativity, but that would have been just as cowardly as you posting anonymously. To each his/her own. If you don't understand or like something okay. But it is a shame you choose to be negative. Sarah is actually quite right, most people who post hate about Kelle out right say they are jealous. And I personally know Kelle, as in have met her, talked with her. You are judging her from an outsiders view. You have no grasp or concept of how she has improved my life and my daughters future with her work. Most likely you will never see this, unless you initially come back to follow up. But in case you did, I wanted to let you know there is always two sides to every story. Your opinion is noted, but just like me telling you how much I appreciate Kelle won't make you like her, you degrading those who do wont make us not like her.

  10. As you know, I'm not a fan of Kelle's, BUT...that's a reflection on me and what I enjoy reading, not her. I was also taken aback by all of the negativity, and was stunned at how many people judged her for reacting poorly to Nella's diagnosis. My perspective at Nathan's birth was very different from most DS moms - I already had one child with special needs and had been fully convinced that I would not have a healthy child at the end of my pregnancy (negative much?), so Down syndrome was something of a relief for me, but I'm the exception - most moms describe similar feelings to what she detailed.

    I'm glad that KH focuses on the small things in life - I do the same, just in a much different way :) - but I do wish Down syndrome came up sometimes. I get the feeling that a lot of people either ignore it or think that she is pretending it isn't there. What I really don't get, though, is the haters. If you don't like her blog, then don't read it (or, for that matter, others like yours who speak positively of it) - is that really such a hard concept for people?


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