Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear G, B, and Fi-

Sweltering heat doesn't phase you, you are Florida kids through and through. While my mind is deep in dreams of crisp fall air, changing leaves, and apple cider, we spend our days wiping sweat and diving in pools. Or flipping in. Gavin, at 3, you are some little dare devil gymnast.

We are making new friends. Friends with designer genes and almond eyes. Its nice to hang with people traveling down the same road we are. Playgroups that we can be our own kind of normal, of little girls that aren't judged or measured by what they can or cannot do- the normal that is feeling more and more...normal.  I now walk into your room, Fiona, every morning to you sitting up in your crib. You've mastered pulling yourself up from laying down. Its a sweet change, to make eye contact with you above the crib rails. And just one more week till we can officially leave your braces off all day. While I don't have any pictures of our morning embraces, I found you sleeping, booty in that air, on your knees. Ya, up on your knees that you had fought to get up on earlier that day in therapy.

Breiden and Gavin, you want to help us with everything. Little men trying to be my big men. You test my patience as I can't let you help with most tasks, but your enthusiasm and innocent interest in learning, I love to see.  I just wished you listened better when I said no.

Though our Falls my not be exactly like my dreams, one thing that is the same no matter where you are in our country, it's football season. And my Packer fans are ready to cheer.

And Papa is back to volunteering with high school football. He just couldn't stay away from it. If for no other reason, I hope you boys play football to make your Papa proud. Although, I know he is proud of you no matter what you choose to do. Except maybe soccer. Which, sorry Dad, looks like soccer is in their future too because the boys have to do whatever Henry does.

I try to predict what you kids may be when you are older. Gavin, I see you doing something analytical, while Breiden, I think you may go into something a little more free spirited like writing or teaching. Even the way you play with toys shows me that your minds work that way.

Fiona, as of right now, you may be going into demolition.

We don't get the opportunity often, but I wish we did it more. We have found our spot. A place that combines dinner and music and dancing and site seeing and to top it off some frozen yogurt.We sit by the dance floor, as G and B, you run and dance and check out the gator and turtles and fish in the pond, as Fiona bounces in her highchair to the music and Dad and I soak it all in.  I want to save up for these nights more often.

We stayed way past bed time, till you had nearly danced yourself to sleep. B, you were a little crabby, and we slow danced together, while Gavin busted some crazy moves to Mustang Sally. Fiona, you bounced that little butt, itching to get out there.

Halloween costumes are ordered (thanks to Papa) so I am pumping up Batman and Captain America like crazy so you won't change your minds between now and all the Halloween festivities. I cannot wait for October.


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  1. Thank you for adding me to your blog! Adorable pics - that little girl is too sweet!


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