Thursday, September 1, 2011

In the Air

Rainy weather has made the temperature drop... from 90 to 80. And I realized how spoiled we are here in the south when my 3 year old Florida boy, walks out to the mail box with me, shirtless-shoeless ( um, him not me), and declares as he is warming up his arms, "Its chilly today" It was 79 degrees. 

I wouldn't call this weather cold, but it was enough of a drop to put me in fall mode. Or maybe it is just a mental thing of knowing that it should start to feel like fall. School is in session, long sleeves and pants are being pulled out from drawers (at least in the north) and painting my nails hot pink just didn't feel right this morning. I think I am going to have to change it to dark purple later. Or maybe a rusty red, Or more likely, this hot pink will stay on my nails till it chips itself off because I very rarely paint my nails. 

I live for the month of October. Dreaming about pumpkins and apple spice and Halloween costumes all year long. Although, this year,  I no longer have a say in what costumes my kids will wear. This year, they have opinions. Which is fun in its own way, or frustrating, depending on how you spin it. With a two month head start on costume deciding, I have a feeling we will be still shopping for them last minute because they change their minds every minute of what they want to be. Super heroes, Buzz and Woody and a bat are high up in the running.

Big, sparkly, ice blue eyes. Its the first thing everyone notices about Fiona. The same eyes that slightly resemble an almond. I sometimes like to throw out that she has Down syndrome after someone makes a comment about how beautiful she and her stunning eyes are, just to see the shock that usually follows. Yes, Down syndrome can be seen as beautiful. And yes, I am sure my daughter has it.

My kids love each other. Cannot-wait-to-see-each-other-every-morning love. And I live to watch them interact with each other. To hear Breiden tell his sister, "Good job, Sweetheart" when Fiona does something for herself, to watch Fiona laugh hysterically at her brothers wrestling, and to have Gavin beg to wake up his brother and sister to play. Fill my cup with the triangle bond these three have already.

A third child fit right in seamlessly with our established two. They accepted her as if she was always a part of their life, with open arms and complete understand that she is a part of our family. Family, being something that the boys love to talk about. They know we stick together, that we come first, and that our bond is strong and inseparable. And I love that they have each other in everything they do.

When I think about them 30 years from now, if the boys will be okay with the not normal way their sister may be, my mind is flooded with these images. Flooded with Breiden wrapping his legs and arms around her car seat and protecting her from a child he thought was getting too close. Gavin helping her grab a toy that was out of her reach. Them running to me all concerned where Fiona was when they didn't notice her quietly drinking her bottle in the corner of the room. And today's drive home from school when they greeted her with "Fo-na, I missed you sooo much to-day". That instant, inseparable bond that took place the day the three of them met. I do fear if they resent her, but my heart knows they wont. They wont resent her disability any more then me and her father do (which is not at all), because we love her too much.

Preschool is in full swing now that we are heading into the second month. Each week, I am getting more and more names of kids in their class as they slowly start remembering their playmates, I think we are up to four of the 7 other kids in their class.. Breiden reported that he and Drew had fun together the other day, so it looks like all things are mended there.  While my baby girl grows shyer and shyer, blushing and burring her sweet face in my chest when greeting someone new, my boys are outgoing, confident little men.

Wait. Did I say they were outgoing? Because the two little boys I took to visit a friends husband at the airport fire station were shy and bashful, completely awe stricken with the big shiny trucks and million nobs and buttons inside. After a month of trying to coordinate schedules, the trip couldn't have come at a more perfect time, because this month in school they are going to learn about careers- a "What I want to be when I grow up" kind of thing. After today, they want to be firemen.

These Crash trucks were huge! And a lot more high tec then the fire trucks I am familiar with. The above picture with the water was the Firefighter demonstrating how he would put out an airplane fire- the truck itself had two water hoses that he controlled from inside the truck. He also had a screen that was a heat sensor video of what was in front of him to find fires inside of airplanes. The geek in me is coming out- I think I was more interested in all of that then the boys were. They just loved the sirens. And sitting in the big chairs.

Some time ago, I posted how I finally was putting my running shoes to work, complete with a cute picture of my new kicks and all. And so was the end of my runners high- that was the one and only time I ran. 5 days of shin splints afterwards killed my motivation and the shoes got kicked to the back of the closet where they have stayed for over a month. But thanks to my husbands own personal motivation ( 3 days going strong!) of getting back to the gym, I laced em up today, buckled Fiona into the jogger my neighbor is so generously lending to me, and ran/walked, lulling my baby to sleep and awakening muscles that haven't been used in a while.

 I was smarter this time, as in, not sprinting this run and stretching well afterwards. My goal is to comfortably run 3 miles in hopes to actually run the Gobble Gobble this Thanksgiving, a 5K I have said I was going to run every year since I moved to Florida. Anybody with me?

My mom is still in the hospital, but on the up swing. Thank you everyone who has been praying for her. Anyone who knows or has been on Coumadin, knows what a trial and error and dangerous drug it is, and I am praying they can get her dosage right so there are no more ER trips. 

Off to enjoy a mommy late night play group... 


  1. Sweet post. I love how much they love each other! I am finally recovering from my plantar fasciitis and am hoping to get out the jogging stroller more, too.

  2. What a sweet sweet family you have. You are so lucky, so is your sons and your daughter. Thanks for sharing this great post with us.
    Stopped over from the Friday hop and hope you are having a great start to the weekend.

  3. I am such a huge fan of crisp air, football and fall...and not to mention it! another thing I adore is watching siblings love and is priceless as a parent to see the instant connection that is made between of luck in the gobble run! I am only hoping for snow!! glad to hear your Mama is feeling better...has a wonderful long weekend..smiles

  4. Ok the pic in the bath tub of all three is the cutest pic ever. It looks like they all have allot of fun with each other. new follower from the blog hope you can visit my site.....Cannot wait for Halloween.

  5. Hi! I am a new follower hopping over from BHE. This post simply moved me to tears! What wonderful, sweet children you have! I so hope my girls have the same love for each other as they grow up together. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gorgeous photos! Love Fiona's eyes!

    Stopping by from the Say Hi Sunday Blog hop!

    ~your newest follower

    You can find me at

  7. They are so cute together!I am a new follower from the blog hop and I am following you thru GFC. I cannot follow thru FB right now and its a long story so please check out my post dated August 20th on the Weekend Blog Hops. As soon as they take care of it I can follow. I will leave it up to you if you want to follow me now or wait until I can follow you first. Either way I understand. Follow what you can and I will be happy! Thanks so much and have a great day!


  8. OMGoodness, what a wonderful post!!

    Sorry I am late, but I am Hop'n by from 'Blog Hop Till You Drop'. I'm following your blog now, wont you please come and follow me back?? ~KM

    Krafty Max Originals

  9. You have no idea how much I love baby bath pics. Your three make such a cute picture.
    I haven't started running again yet. I could list every reason why but they are all just excuses...I mean Eslea is 11 mths now. :)
    Your family is adorable. She is so lucky to have 2 big brothers.


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