Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Girl

Dear Fiona-

  You love us. You know your family. Though no words have left your lips, you tell us daily. Your smiles and giggles that you only give us. The dive bomb snuggles where we can feel you smiling, hiding in our chest. And the death grip you have on our clothes if we try to put you down or hand you over to someone else. No, you only want Momma or Daddy.

Nothing makes you laugh harder then your brothers. Its a game they play, try to make Fonkers laugh. Oh ya, and thats your newest nickname from Breiden. He stole it from Daddy. They run around you and wrestle for you and blow raspberries on your soft baby belly. You laugh hysterically. Much different from the giggle you have for me and Daddy. No, this laugh is uncontrollable.

Two teeth have popped through in your mouth, the little one in the front making you look more like a toddler then a baby. I hate watching you struggle to learn to be a toddler. You have no interest in doing anything for your self, and are just enjoying the baby life. Girlie, I don't blame you. But I watch you watch your brothers and I know that you want to play. Its worth the hard work. And we'll keep pushing you to try. 

You're a tease. You smile and reach for people, but turn away when they reach their arms out to you. You have become uber comfortable perched on my right hip, and rarely want to leave. Unless its for Daddy. You'll always go to him.

We have a long roller coaster ride ahead of us, with lots of ups and downs. But lately, we've just been climbing up. Your life keeps opening doors and bring new people in our world. Kind of ironic that something that once seemed to just slam doors closed, I know see is opening doors. I am excited to see where these doors lead to.

I am sure there is a drop somewhere up ahead. But baby, we have now. And now is good. And just as He always is, God will be there for the next drop. And the one after that. And the one after that. We might drop, but we'll never fall off the track.



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