Monday, October 3, 2011

Be warned, my boys

Dear Gavin and Breiden-

You've been doomed since birth. It was only a matter of time. Although your last name is Blaeske, you have my Tryon blood in your veins as well. So you were bound to be competitive. Extremely competitive.

A little bit of healthy competition is good for everyone. But we are psycho competitive. Like Monica Geller competitive. Most of us Tryons are natural born athletes. Its not just fun-and-games with us. No, we really like to win.

I've watched Papa beat destroy 5 year old Aunt Shelby in Candyland. I've seen my cousins bring people to tears over a "friendly" game of basketball. I my self have drawn blood over the game of Forks. And I clearly remember Papa desperately trying to control him self when coaching me in sports (and not controlling himself at all when coaching Football). We can be an intense family when it comes to competitiveness.

And its not just the obvious things we compete in. No everything is competition. Driving in separate cars? We have to get there before you do. While driving safely, of course. Walking in the mall? We are always 2 steps ahead. We keep track of weird things, just to know we have done them more times then you, or turn dinner time into a table football game so we have something to try to win.

So it really has come to no surprise, that you, Gavin and Breiden, like to turn everything into a competition. At 3 years old, you have already come to love the rush of winning. You throw your fists up in victory when you are the first one done with dinner "I WIN!"

I had to call Dad, who was driving separately from us, and ask him to let us pass him because you two were cheering me on to beat daddy home. Like I said, safe driving comes first. Our car exploded with victory as we passed Dad and you chanted through your windows, "We're beating you!"

Brei, you seem to truly enjoy all of this. Maybe you inherited just enough of Dad's easy going nature to have a some what healthy balance. But Gavin, I see the fire in your eyes. You have the competitive demon, and you want to win.

Let me warn you, while that little demon pushes you to do your best in everything, he also ruins the fun you are supposed to be having. He tricks you into thinking that you are having fun with the rush of the compitition, but really, its sucking all the fun out of it.

I am enjoying your love of competing. And impressed with no matter how bad you want to win, you always include Fiona and encourage her to do her best. With each other, you fight to the end, but with her, you are all a team. It seems, at least when it comes to you guys, I have learned to control my urge to win. I think I am doing pretty good at letting you have the glory. And I so cannot wait for you guys to start playing sports. Although, I am sure, after reading this, our friends are dreading you playing with their kids.



Writing every day this month for National Down Syndrome Awareness. 

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