Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I tread this topic carefully, because I know that everyone loves their children with every inch of their heart. The anagology that- the day your child is born, its like watching your heart go walking around outside of your body- is probably the best one I have ever heard about motherhood. I feel that about each of my three crazy, unique, spunky kiddos. And I am in love and in awe of everything my boys do and who they are.

The other day, Fiona said her first word. Well, actually, she may have been saying it for a few weeks now, but I without a doubt know she said it this time because she also signed it! Fiona signed and said "Baba" (bottle). When you have a special needs child, everything is in limbo. With the boys I never once questioned or doubted that they would walk, talk, communicate, feed them selves, etc. It wasn't a question of if, but just when. But if you have a child were every milestone, step to independence, is an if, the joy is undeniably greater when the goal is achieved. Gavin and Breiden's milestones were amazing moments in parenthood, but Fiona's are small miracles and blessings. The three of them I love equally. However, the difference is, with the boys, I kept track of when they did things, because that was the accomplishment. With Fiona, we are ecstatic  she is doing them at all. I knew that most likely Fiona was going to be able to talk, I know most likely she will be able to do most everything she tries to, but its not as garenteed as it is for my boys. I couldn't call my husband fast enough, wait to post it on Facebook, keep my self from screaming it from the roof tops. Our family was beaming from ear to ear for the rest of the day. Our little girl is communicating.

Later that day, she also started to pick up on waving buh-bye. Like the flood gates were opened, her hands were unlocked, and it has clicked that she can express what she is thinking. I am excited to introduce more signs. I am excited to watch the pride on my little girls face as she tells me what she wants. Baby Sign Language will be getting a lot of visits from me in the upcoming weeks.

I have been so excited about her achievement, pictures or video have been negleted because we are too busy cheering and tackling her with kisses. That is actually an older picture of her waving hello to her favorite person -her self. In the last few days, she has now started bending her fingers to wave verse just giving people the Hitler.  I'll have to put video taping her signing on my to-do list.

Blogging all 31 days in October for Nation Down Syndrome Awareness Month


  1. I am so excited for you! Yes, enjoy it to the fullest! This is just the beginning of communicating...the words and signs are just going to keep coming! Yeah, Fiona!

  2. This was really exciting to read...I actually teared up when reading about her signing and saying bubba, because I remember the day Russell did it for the first time I burst into tears...I feel your joy and excitement and pride in her...This was just a beautiful post to read. Great job Fiona, we are all so proud of you!!!


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