Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our very normal day

77 degrees. I took it and ran with it.

We are making our lemonade. Or Chocolate milk, which is what Gavin said he was doing pouring water in our mulch. The days have been breathtakingly beautiful- maybe more summer beautiful then fall, but I am learning to not let the weather determine my seasons. Inside, our house is covered in spiders and leafs and smells like cinnamon and pumpkin. (Okay, I still desperately want it to feel like fall, too, but I am trying to convince myself otherwise).

Front yard baseball is kinda a new obsession in our house. See, the boys were born into hockey. Little knee hockey sticks were placed in their hands the second they learned how to walk and they have been obsessed ever since. They love hockey, because hockey is their dad. And they want to be like their dad. But baseball, its something they love because... they just love it. And they are good at it. Like really good (for 3 year olds). Just as in everything, Gavin loves it a little more. I think he is our natural athlete. I could leave him outside all day and he would never stop throwing, chasing, and hitting the baseball. O ya, and its front yard baseball because a. we have a lake in our backyard and I really don't feel like wrestling an alligator over their prized baseballs and b. for some reason red ants take over our back yard but we have yet to see one in the front yard.

Someday, when a baseball goes through our front window, I am going to regret teaching them to hit towards the house. But seeing as the furthest hit as been five feet at best, this direction seems safer then towards the road were I would be chasing the ball every 2 minutes.

While the boys indulge in America's favorite past time, Fiona and I enjoy the show from a seat that I foresee us getting a lot of use from. This is probably the best hand-me-down we have ever received.

My baby girl is starting to look a little bigger. Like how she overflows in the big kid stroller now. I love seeing her little head poking above the seat, listening to her talk to her hands as we go on evening walks. She is in her own little world up in that front seat of our sit and stand, as her brothers wrestle and fight behind her.

 Gosh, she really does look big in those pictures.

Pumpkin has always been a nickname I call my babies. Today, Breiden told me I was the big pumpkin. Cheers, my logical one.

I tried drawing leafs with side walk chalk. You know, to give a fall feel to this summer activity that we rock all year long. Turns out, I don't draw very good leafs. 

This is what Fiona does when she decides shes done with something. She chucks it. And we watched it roll to the bottom of the driveway, which then she turns to me like " Aren't you going to go get that mom?"

After coming off of the 24 hour bug, a day of kickin it outside with these three was the perfect recovery. A day that left us smelling sunkissed and that sweet perfume of dirt and sweat. 

I mean, if it truly felt like fall down here, I wouldn't have gotten this sweet surprise from by boys, help via their babysitter. And my husband didn't do too bad with these beautiful flowers and two bags of my favorite chocolates- both of which the boys snuck and ate every-single-one behind our reclining chair. O well, I'll get more for Christmas :)

That 77 degrees was up to 88 by noon. Maybe if I squeeze my eyes and picture a Michigan fall hard enough, it will actually come true down here. That, or I'll keep enjoying our forever summer.


  1. Haha! You sound like me! I was telling my husband that my oldest needed a new coat becuse "it's going to be in the 70s this week!". Being this far south effects us!
    2 year anniversary? What did I miss?
    "Big Pumpkin" I like that!

  2. Hi there,

    I've been through your blog and love your posts that focus on what you are thankful for.

    I'm stopping by from Say Hi Sunday.

    I am now a new Google Connect Friend and would love if you stop by my blog at


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