Sunday, October 9, 2011

World Travelers

I like the Italy-Holland analogy. I really do. After I wrote that post yesterday, it got me thinking. We have been to Holland, but we've also been to Italy. And France, too.

We have two typically developing children. Italy. We have a special needs daughter. Holland. And we get to experience the wonder/challenge of twins. France.

And there are parts of Italy that are a lot like Holland, and parts of France that are a lot like Italy, and so on.  In each of these countries, you will run into people who speak your language. "More a like then different". We have our unique struggles and joys with each of our adventures, but at the same time, have a lot of stories to swap and advice to give to others traveling with us. Being a parent is a challenge. Being a parent is stressful. Being a parent is wonderful. And no ones journey is the same. While its nice to share experiences, there is a rush in doing something different. It gives you that opportunity to share something new. And when you find those few people that have been to your unique travels, well those are some of the most exsilerating conversations and friendships you'll ever have. We have spent a lot of time in Italy, Holland and France, but then there are all those other places we got to taste too. A little bit of Sweden- heart surgery. A little bit of Germany- clubbed feet. A little bit of Switzerland- Hypospadias. A little bit of Norway- toddlers. A little bit of Greece- picky eaters. And quiet some time in Amsterdam- three kids under three.  I feel blessed to be so well traveled :)

Today, we enjoyed Italy. Nothing special, or different, just a family enjoying some rainy weather. My heart beamed with pride as Breiden came running to me at the sight of the rain outside and said, " Lets go play! Rain is a good thing!" Either I am raising the spontaneous, outgoing kids I hoped for, or, we are listening to too much country music.
(Fiona and I enjoyed the show from the dryness inside our garage, comfy on our double chair... Until a precious baseball got caught in the rush of draining water and I had to chase it before it got to the drain down the street)


  1. that looks like a GREAT way to spend a rainy day! I to think that each child brings a unique quality and personality to your family...and that in itself can be challenging and smooth...sometimes I think we forget our children are just people, humans like us -just smaller! smiles

  2. I like your thoughts on France. When I read that poem, I liked it at first but then started thinking...why do I have to go to Holland with Kristen? I am going to Hawaii with both of my girls. The poem is good though..provides insight to a journey. But, everyone's journey is so unique, and I believe you can truly buy your ticket anywhere you want to go based on your attitude too! I love those pictures...the rain is fun to play in with the kids, huh?

  3. LOVE this!!! How perfectly applied! I may just have to quote you on this one. :)


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