Friday, October 21, 2011

Eat my Cake too

Sometimes, I am so busy missing what I love about the north, I overlook the signs of fall Florida brings. Yesterday, I saw.

The leafs may be the size of an almond sliver, but the russet? the gold? the burnt sienna? Its there, mixed in with the green pines and palm leafs. The 66 degree weather we were graced with yesterday made those colors stand out like a white spec on a black sheet. 

Windows stayed open, and I found every excuse possible to stay outside. 

This weather is supposed to carry us through the weekend. So this smile that is plastered to my face is here to stay for at least four more days. I had big dreams of visiting the nostalgic Hunsader Farms, but we will be staying closer to home, spending 10 dollars on gas verses 60, and are looking forward to some bounce house, spooky train ride and the hayride that is pulled by a golf cart. I'm on a roll here, I can enjoy October anywhere.


  1. looks like it was a beautiful day! blog hopping!

  2. Hello! Hopping by... love the pic of the blue sky, cloude, and palm trees. No palm trees here in MO. :o)

  3. My "Yankee" friends talk about the clearer delineation between seasons, but I like my life on the Gulf Coast with sunny days in winter...especially since I love to snap photos.

    Visiting via the blog hop!

  4. found you on the hop!


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