Monday, October 31, 2011

Farewell, October

There are very few days that we spend the majority of the day together as a family. Errands, guy time, girls night, play dates and our dates all leaves Blaeske family time very limited. And although today was still filled with work and errands, it was a good family day. Including a daddy-sons hockey outing, mommy-daughter kitchen Halloween dance party, pumpkin carving, teaching the boys to Monster Mash, some front yard play in our beautiful cold-front weather, and my all favorite, kickin together it on our bed.

Today, 31 for 21 ends, and so does Down syndrome Awareness Month. Although, for us, Down syndrome awareness never really ends. Advocating and educating for my daughters acceptance and rights is a badge I wear 365 days a year. I am one small voice in a sea of voices. But its interesting to see where my waves reach.

November is the calm after the storm. Nothing planned until my little sister comes down for Thanksgiving. And I am so looking forward to down time and hopefully more days filled with family time. Maybe a little less blogging and a little more running, because I will run the Turkey Trot this year. ( Only took me 6 years to follow through with my goal). I am sure you are as sick of me posting daily as I am :)

If my posts made you interested in learning about Down syndrome, or why those of us blessed with a T-21 child indeed say we are blessed, I encourage you to check out National Down Syndrome SocietyReece's Rainbow, or any of the awesome blogs listed on my side bar. Cheers, October. Until next year.


  1. My kids would not stick their hand in the pumpkin to clean it out lol. I love the expression on your little guys face. Yea for November!

  2. I love the pumpkin carving pictures. :)


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