Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Fiona's feet are tiny. And I am loving them now that they are straight and out of casts and braces. Making up for lost time with an abundance of feet kissing. A friend of mine, who was also born with clubbed feet, credits her small shoe size to the casting and bracing she went through. It gave somewhat the same effect as Chinese feet binding does. Well, Fi's tiny feet finally out grew her newborn booties and we upgraded to her very first, non-knitted, shoes ever. My baby is a size 2.

I have a feeling she has a size 5 shoe size to look forward to as an adult. Lucky girl.

She is starting to fit into more and more things. Like the big car seats and shopping carts. Three kids in big cars seats, my van is starting to feel small. But oh, how I love to look back and see all three of their faces. And her little shoe-covered feet kicking from the shopping cart? This girl is the epitome of cuteness.

Give the girl a $1 wand, and princess thinks she's got magic powers.

She was quiet disappointed when her wishes for a new dolly didn't come true. Sweetie, you got new shoes ( and a new wand), lets not get greedy.

If there is any question that boys and girls are made differently, my girl just gravitates to everything girly. She carried this wand the whole hour of lets-waste-time at Target. We Blaeskes are such suckers for that dollar section. And we are also suckers for anything marked clearance. And by we, I mean I. $3 Halloween t-shirts? Thank you. I love that although we have no money to shop, I can satisfy my shopping craving with a cart full of things that total under 10 bucks. The boys love having something new to show off at school. Look out Batman t-shirt, you have a new competitor.

These boys are the apple of my eye, but may put me in an early grave. Patience is a virtue I must practice hourly. And sometimes I don't do it very well. How to Make Your Children Mind, Without Losing Yours and How to Talk So Your Children Will Listen, and Listen so Your Children Will Talk are currently on my reading list. Other topics of interest are, how to get your child to stop lying, how to get your child to stop repeating themselves after you answer them, and how to get your boys to understand the all important words STOP and NO. I think the part in men's brains that register that one is damaged at birth.

I am thoroughly enjoying what school has brought to the table. Well, minus the gamut of sicknesses we collected probably from school. Their little wheels are turning, their social skills have taken off, and our conversation topics have broadened. Although I could teach them everything they are learning at this point, I have noticed a great maturity and have seen them really come into their individual selves. I love hearing about their days away from me, and the make believe adventures they go on with their friends. Its an entire atmosphere I could never give them in our home. Yes, they may pick up a few bad habits and some germs, but they are learning the most important life skill- how to relate to other people.

I am hoping we are runny nose and fever free by this Saturday. We have a big day of celebrating the community Fiona's extra chromosome brought us into. Forecast calls for a beautiful 80 degree and sunny day.


  1. She's adorable! I'm a sucker for the $1 section too! I don't think Hailey is ever going to graduate out of size 2 shoes :-)

  2. LOVE the kailey has the same ones too :)

  3. Love that $1 section too...I always get in trouble there.

    When Kristen needed shoes at 12 months to go over her braces, her foot was a 1 1/2. We were told they could not get us shoes. We eventually found them. We have tiny feet still...barely a size 6 at age 4 1/2years. You will get good use out of shoes you buy though! :)

    She is so adorable! :)


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