Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Overlook the fact that both of my boys have their shorts on backwards (did you notice?), I am in love with how Fiona adores her big brothers. The biggest blessing of having more then one child is watching your kids interact. Makes people like the Duggers seem a little less crazy. Just a little. ( Okay, I secretly wish I could have an overflowing family, as long as the money was overflowing too). Twin bonding is really amazing. That instant friendship and deep concern about what the other one is up to is something I enjoy being a fly on the wall for. And now little sister, big brother is a whole new dynamic I am enjoying. This admiration for her two heroes, and the boy's protective love for their most prized possession. I feel blessed when ever I get a glimpse of this unique relationship. 

I came across this article that gave a spin to the new prenatal test. I encourage you to read it.

The vast majority of my readers either directly know me or knows someone who knows me, or are in the Down syndrome community. So sometimes, I feel a little silly for preaching about things like using the "R" word. But I have had people admit that they stopped using the word because I made them more aware. I posted on my Facebook yesterday this little note. Because I still hear friends and family use the word carelessly.

You may know, but it is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. And as a gift to Fiona, I am asking if all of our friends can do a simple favor. For just one day, don't use the word Retard. See how many other words you can use in its place that mean "stupid" but don't mean" stupid like a mentally handicapped person". Its the greatest gift we could receive, especially if it catches on and is never used again.

 Last week, someone I know said it and I literally felt like I got punched in the stomach. I was holding Fiona. 

Before you respond "I don't mean it to offend a mentally challenged person", close your eyes and what do you picture when you think retard. Is it a "slow" person, beating their chest with their hand? Is it someone speaking with an impediment? Is it someone who looks different? Or do you honestly not relate that word to someone mentally challenged. 

Please don't use a word that you do not understand the severity of.  


  1. People do really need to *think* about what they're saying, even when they're trying to justify their use of the word. Ugh, it's so frustrating! Yes, I understand they weren't referring specifically to people with Down syndrome, no that doesn't make any difference to me. They're perpetuating a stereotype and a hurtful word, so if someone tells them that it's a hurtful word to hundreds of thousands of people, including themselves, then they should GET A CLUE and stop using it! Plain and simple.

    Love the pics of Fiona and your boys!!

  2. Your last paragraph said it so beautifully...when I hear that word too I do feel like I am hit and hit hard. It brings an awful meaning to my stomach, even when the person tries to justify why they said it or tell me to not take it so personally. Yeah right, huh?

  3. I gave you a shout out in my blog today!

  4. Shay, you'll be happy to know that last week all 4th grade students at my school participated in a sensitivity awareness seminar. I of course thought of you guys when the presenter said, "The only r-word should be respect". <3


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