Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Staying Home

I have four bosses. FOUR. Every corner I turn, one of them is there. With a new demand, a new need, a new task needed to be done. Their eyes are always on me, and personal space is something they don't seem to understand. Their needs always come before mine and often they have the audacity to interrupt me even in the restroom.

Three of my bosses are very whiny. Some one has failed to teach them how to ask for anything politely. And their patience level? Well, that's about non- existent. When they want something done, they want it done NOW. Often their requests pull me in three separate directions, and therefore each one feels that I am always slacking. They are near impossible to please and are rarely open for suggestions.

The fourth boss, the head of the company, he only shows up at the very end of the day to oversee the days work. Nothing is ever up to his standard, but he is usually very forgiving. He is aware he has very high expectations. I mean, after all, a lot of the tasks that are required of me throughout the day there is no physical evidence to show for. This leaves him often questioning how much work I actually got done. The three other bosses are always out for the night by the time he gets here so they never can give him a good report. Its hard to explain that their demands took priority to the majority of other things that needed to be done that day. I don't think he ever believes me how busy we are. I mean, he works with them some of the time, but apparently they behave differently for the head boss.

Who would think the home would be such a demanding work place.

Oh, did I mention that my bosses are slobs?


  1. Michigan State...did you go to school there? I am a Michigan graduate myself but my parents and brothers are Michigan State graduates! Just made me smile to see the t-shirt...oh, and your cute little messy bosses made me smile too!

  2. Classic! I could have totally written this post, but I have a few less bosses. Same expectations though! Good thing they're cute, huh? lol


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