Monday, October 24, 2011

Who needs a title

I call it her perch. All is good in Fiona's world when she is on my right hip. 

Random thought over.

Our cool weather is back to being a tease. Breezy chilled mornings and evenings, with afternoon sun heating it up to the 80s. We switch from outdoor morning snuggles and cups of coffee, to games of catch and shaded front porch picnics. My fear of red ants has started to dwindle, and prickly Florida grass is starting to feel good as we spend more and more time in it.

Fiona is the most flexible little person I have ever seen. Seriously- this girl sits up by pushing her self back into the splits. Maybe gymnastics is in her future?

Like I mentioned the other day, we skipped going to the awesome fall festival, the only thing semi-near us that resembles anything like what fall festivals are like in the Midwest, and went to the more budget friendly, local shin-dig. Which, I will admit, is getting better and better every year. Hunsader, maybe next year.

We met with some friends, ran into even more, and let the kids enjoy a Florida pumpkin "patch". More bounce houses, less pumpkins, but fun for the little ones.

Similar pictures will be filling up my camera in the upcoming week of Trunk or Treat, pumpkin picking and Halloween parties. Planning to go out of October with a bang. And then spend the first two weeks of November doing nothing but watching football and hockey. Happy Monday


  1. Man I dont know where you get your energy from!! Those boys of yours look like they are on the move ALL the time!! I think the two of them have more energy than my six combined!! Haha...Love the pictures :)

  2. Looks like we have a couple of things in common;) {twins and a couple of cute girls who have a little extra chromosome!} Are your boys identical??? They look alot alike. My twin girls arent identical but no one can tell them apart besides me and my oldest..

  3. Hi there! Blog hopping really late, but I wanted you to know I was here. Your kids are cutie pies! I live in south Georgia and we don't have any good places to go for the fall! Not even a corn maze this year! I have to make do with a "pumpkin patch" set up at in the local churchs' front lawn! So nice to meet you!


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