Monday, November 7, 2011

Glowing from the inside out

Fiona made us a part of a special community. The special needs community. It stretches farther then just Down syndrome, these families that have different struggles but yet so much of the same understanding. Wanting acceptance, wanting normalcy, wanting the best life possible for there children. As I walked with my kids and our church for Autism Speaks this past weekend, I was shamed I had no answer when someone asked me a question comparing it to previous years. I had never attended before. Fiona's diagnosis was a life changing moment. I care so much more deeply for everything. It took putting the shoe on the other foot for me, but I am hoping that my advocating will open eyes with out them being in my shoes. We walked for Cameron, and Max, and Jessie and so many many others in our area who are affected by Autism.

The Sunshine state has been delivering on its name. I noticed in the mirror today my skin is glowing with its evidence, a nice November tan. Sun-kissed from enjoying morning coffee in the driveway while the boys play on their scooters. I wasn't lying when I said they love to play in our shoes.

And I am sun-kissed from afternoons spent at playgrounds and parks, and lingering in the sweet smell of fresh air.

Enjoying the cross breeze from open windows and looking forward to another beautiful week. 

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