Saturday, November 5, 2011

High Heels and Hot Pants

Some things are regular recurrences in our home. Like my sons strutting around the house in our shoes. Five inch stilettos, cowboy boots, flip flops, fashion boots. Somewhere, in the handbook for kids, it says "play in mom and dad's cloths." My sister and I, we rocked out in Dad's ties and work shoes, and mom's make up. My boys, they like shoes and hats. Brei especially likes my heels. I get a big smile on my face when ever I hear the flip/flop or click/clack, anticipating the scene that will soon walk in front of me.

New favorite things are constantly being added to our days. Lately, its been an obsession with my camera. Asking me to take pictures of them, or their toys, and wanting to take pictures them selves. I guess its more just Breiden who wants to take the pictures. We have had a few lessons- how to hold the camera so his fingers aren't in front of the lens, how to press the button with out shaking the whole camera, how to point the camera at what he wants to capture. Well, he got the first one down.

Love little sister sitting behind the chair watching 

Soaked in some alone time with by baby boy while brother and sister napped. Fashion photoshoot? Breiden, you are my favorite right now.

I don't have favorites

I don't talk about therapy very much. It is probably the only thing that is really different in our lives right now then if Fiona didn't that extra chromosome. I view it kind of like sports practice. You just do it, you get better, and then you can enjoy the game. I have heard the ignorant accusation that having a child with special needs inconveniences their siblings. That taking care of her would be putting them out even at a young age. How dare I drag her brothers to her therapy, her doctors appointments. Well, how dare I drag her to their hockey practices (okay, ice skating lessons, but we like to call it hockey practice), to pick them up from school, etc. Its what you do when you are a family. You give and take. And at this stage, the Early Intervention stage, therapy is at our house. The boys think that the therapists are there to play with them, which they do- they always include the boys. We love our PT, OT, and ITDS.

I'm not super, do-everything-the-therapists-say-to-all-day-long, kind of mom. I'd love to be, but I do have the other two monkeys to care for and some days, purposeful play kinda of just slips through the cracks. So, I am a really big fan of things that do some of the work for me. Like Fiona's hot pants- or more technically called Hip Helpers. If I can remember to put them on, they give her a work out on their own. The only time a muffin top is cute.

I think we are getting close to another milestone.

Sooo close to crawling. These two are a pretty big motivation to keep up with.


  1. I could not agree with you more on the therapy thing. It was really never an issue in our house. Love those pants!

  2. Beth had therapy for about a year when she was 1-2. Then she started school at 3. That was all the therapy we were involved with back then!

    Love those hot pants! And the beautiful hands exploring the sand.

  3. hot pants! boys in heels that is my kind of FUN!! therapy all day not so much! I really took the philosophy parent first...let them do there thing let me do my thing...I worked the same muscles and skills just a more "fun" family friendly way of it...and so much less stressful! smiles

  4. I agree with you on the therapy;) We had them shorts too for Avery..we called them hip huggers:)) but they kept her legs together for awhile until she figured out a way to keep her one leg out anyways...

  5. I've been looking online all day for those things (hip helpers)- thank you for sharing!


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