Thursday, November 3, 2011

The one who made a difference

I have told about the one who gave us no hope. The doctor who thought Fiona should be aborted. She was horrible (and I am happy to learn she is no longer delivering babies! Which side note to my side note, she didn't lose her job, but choose to just practice GYN) But there was also one who made a difference.

Dr. Fish was the only doctor during my pregnancy with Fiona that treated Fiona like my baby. The only one who celebrated her growth each check up, who gave me positive bits of information when I was getting bad news, and who called Fiona by her name. I can't begin to express what that small gesture meant to me. There were lots of doctors who were not horrible like Dr. Doomsday. But they weren't wonderful either. Their eyes were filled with pity, they treated me differently, they treated Fiona as a burden, not as a human. So I was ecstatic to bring Fiona with me to my appointment with Dr Fish the other day so they could finally meet. She wanted to deliver Fiona just as badly as I wanted her to be the one to deliver. But we had to deliver at a special children's hospital, so this was their first meeting. And just as she had been during my pregnancy, she was nothing but positive. She treats Fiona like a baby, not like a diagnosis.

I am so thankful for the good people out there.

I am thankful for people who find worth in my daughter. For people who don't pity her wonderful life that is far from tragic.

I am thankful for a cool, Florida, Halloween night to enjoy trick-or-treating with my kids and friends.

 Cutest Bagpiper ever, sweet Piper was born to rock this costume.

 Wonder Women Fiona and Snow White Fiona

I am thankful for keeping my head above water, sometimes just barely, but I never drown. That's a metaphor, not literal.

I am thankful for family. The crazy four I live with and the ones that love us from afar.

Thankful for friends.

Thankful for chocolate. And Nerds. And Gob Stoppers. And kids that share their candy with me. Oh, and messy chocolate covered baby face. She loves Kit Kats. The boys love "Rolling Tootsies" that would be Tootsie Rolls to the rest of us.

Thankful for my little sister. I can't wait to see you at the end of the month! I might say that in every post this month.

Thankful for a perfect EKG and Echo, showing Fiona's perfect heart, with no leak. No leak, no future surgery. 

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I haven't commented in a while but I always keep up with your blog. I think Fiona is the perfect Wonder Woman! Also, I loved how everyone in your family was a super hero!

  2. Such cute costumes!! I was lucky to have a very awesome OB, and while I didn't have a prenatal diagnosis, she was beyond supportive after Samantha was born. I thanked her for not pushing prenatal testing on me, too. Good to have those amazing doctors out there. :-)

  3. I didnt know in when I was pregnant and I also had a awesome OB dr and she was very supportive after!! I LOVE the photo with the twins baseball pic on ur belly..SOOO creative!!!!

  4. You had me tearing up from this post...just love reading your posts!! :)

  5. That's great news about her heart. What a relief that must be : ) Love the costumes too.


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