Saturday, November 19, 2011


Often I wonder what we are sacrificing to live in paradise. When I hear of people who live by their families and get together daily or weekly, I am over taken by severe jealousy. What I wouldn't give to be able to laugh with my family over dinner on a regular occasion, go shopping with my sisters, go to football games with my dad, or watch my kids and nieces and nephews grow up together. Distance is a hard thing, that always intensifies around the holiday seasons. But for now, this is were we are. And I know if we left, my heart would ache for everyone we were leaving behind here. So, I will just soak up the little, but quality, time we get when family visits.

The humidity is here to stay for awhile. So here's to me just stopping to try to make Florida Michigan, and embracing that we can do this in November.

We went to the beach while the boys were in school. Something we should try to do more often. Actually, we should try to go to the beach more often, period. There is no better way to spend your morning, then soaking in salty sunshine, watching a dolphin play in the sparkling blue water, and enjoying your daughter explore with sand. This was the first time she actually played at the beach. And she dug right in. Scooped her self a pretty mean hole, and let the sand waterfall out of her hands. We only tried eating sand a few times, much better then her brother Breiden whose first trip to the beach involved him fisting sand into his mouth and pooping it out for the next three days. Or Gavin, who when we tried to put him in the sand for the first time, tucked his feet up to his butt and refused to touch it.

Naps have made a come back in our household, and it has been the exact life savor I have needed. Functioning with zero breaks to get things done, without a child needing help or attention or whining, was making for long, tiring, under accomplished days. I learned a valuable lesson. Never wake a sleeping Gavin. My bright idea to cut nap time short, so we could go to the park with Papa before his flight, ended with a 20 minute car ride with a screaming kid, who then peed his pants in the car seat. A new pair of pants from Target and ten minutes later, we were back to happy kid. Actually, three happy kids.

Goodbyes are always hard. Letting go that this unpredictable world will allow you to once again see each other. You make plans, end conversations with "see you soon" but soon is never soon enough. I am thankful I live in the social media age, were superficial closeness somewhat eases the sting of distance. But it will never replace the real thing. Till next time, we will Skype and Blog and Facebook to get glimpses of each other. I am looking forward to my next fill of family with my sister coming in just a few days. There are some cute kids anxious to see their Aunt.


  1. I guess I would miss the fall if I didn't have it, but I'm still jealous of your beach pictures. It looks amazing.

  2. What park are you guys at here? I love how there is a kid practicing pole dancing in the background on your last pic! lol

  3. I love this post. I could've written this post. We live far from family as well and the holidays are always hard. The older I get, the more I realize how precious time with family can be.

  4. Distance is hard. Ours isn't as great as yours. It is hard missing stuff and good-byes are never easy! I'm quite jealous of your beach weather in November :-)

  5. I struggle with being away from our family too. But like you said, it's pretty nice to be able to go to the beach in November, though we don't do it enough!

  6. I have always lived close to my family and that has been a blessing. We did move once about 15hrs away, I just about died! I couldn't do it! In the end I didn't care how much more money we were making it wasn't worth being away from my family. I made Brad move us home, lol...I'm a big baby.

    Oh man, these pictures in this post kill me...We are sitting here at -20 in a TON of snow :(...And there you guys are at the beach! LUCKY!


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