Friday, December 30, 2011

All that glitters...

I numbly went into this year with Fiona's heart surgery just days into 2011. And I am finishing it with my biggest worry being her bumping her head under chairs as she is trying to pull herself up to stand. My boys grew ages with the introduction to school and the independence to be on their own. Blink, another whole year gone.

I've been holding my kids a bit tighter, snuggling just a second longer, fully aware that these days wont be here forever. The tiny twin boys', that I used to hold one in each arm, now feet dangle to my knees as I carry them separately to their beds. And not too much longer, I wont be able to carry them at all. It makes me appreciate each stage we get with Fiona that much more. No rush for our angel to grow up. But, oh, how my heart melts to see her crawl her way over to me, look up at me with those big blue eyes and pull her self up to give me a kiss. She gives the best kisses.

I'm not normally the resolution-making type. I don't do the typical cliche things that most people give up like smoke or drink soda or have some big thing I want to change about myself. But subconsciously, I can't help but feel the new year- new beginnings feeling. Recognizing the things that I want to concentrate on, accomplish and change this new year.

Cheers to growing. To never staying the same. For being made out of clay instead of stone, with the capability to expand, and stretch, and transform. I am excited to see what a new year brings. What with each passing day my family molds into. For now, I am enjoying the ever-funny conversations with my boys who know more words then they know the meanings too, and watching Fiona conquer every milestone slowly, sweetly, perfectly.

Hello, 2012. I hope the Mayans were wrong. Me, I am welcoming the new year with my sparkly high heels and some very glittery nail polish. It sets the tone for the whole year. You can't help but smile when you are surrounded by sparkly things.


  1. These pictures make my heart melt <3

  2. Hehehe - I mention the Mayans in my blog post that I'm putting up on Tuesday, too. LOL

    Adorable photos! Happy New Year!

  3. Yay for sparkling things!

    I love that picture where Fiona is pointing. Is she bossing her brothers? :)

    Hope you all have a very Happy New Year!


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