Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Spirit

Hello, World.

I know what I want, and I know how to get it. She sends joy racing through my heart when she "shows up" at my feet. I love getting the surprise leg hug from my little mover, the one who I set down in the kitchen and is know clutching on to my leg in the living room.

We are constantly playing the "What does Fiona have in her mouth" game. 99% of the time it is something edible, but baby proofing is a lot harder with preschoolers leaving little toys and snacks all over the house for Monkey. I remember when we were working on pincer grasp. Now, she can pick up a spec of glitter. I think we've got it mastered.

That pain of "not yet" tried to sabotage the high that I am on now that Fiona is crawling. Some Fisher Price, or Leap Frog, or some other baby toy company had a commercial that asked, "How does your baby learn?". It then shows a baby, 6-9months, watch a dog, or frog, or some other kind of cute stuffed animal clap its hands and the baby clapped her hands. We have been working on teaching Fiona how to clap her hands for 16 months. No luck. Not even close. And as I started to sulk about this, little Monkey showed up at my feet and gave me a big smile. It doesn't matter. She'll learn what she needs to know on her own time. (Currently stuck on the nickname Monkey for her, maybe because of this adorable face)

I am soaking in the festiveness of this time of year. Sitting next to the glow of Christmas lights, beaming through my windows and glistening off the Christmas tree. The smell of fresh pine needles that engulfs you when you walk in my house and the constant smell of baked goods, I am on my fourth batch of sugar cookies (Thanks Mrs Buhr for your heavenly recipe :). I love that in my house I am in holiday wonderland, and outside my house I am in paradise. The sun, it fuels me. When I am missing the north, I remind myself that the sunny, cold, white covered days are not the norm. There is a reason why this is called the Sunshine State, we have an abundance of sunny days. The grass is always greener, so I am trying to find the greenest spots on my side.

I threw a little Christmas party for the boys friends. Hostess is one of my favorite rolls. Our house is small, but we make do. And I love the chaotic sound of 15 kids running around having fun. And the silence that follows when every one leaves and my kids are tuckered out and asleep.

Off to sweep my house for the 10th time in 24 hours. Starting to remember why I don't really care if my house is clean- its just not worth it with three under three.


  1. I love those sandwiches too! Enjoy some sunshine for me, okay? :)

  2. What cute sandwiches...i LOVE this time of year too...but the one thing that i have not started is the baking..waiting for my kids to get out of school..thats my excuse i guess:)

  3. That picture of Fiona hugging your leg kills me, its just too precious!

    You know, those stupid Fisher Price or even diaper commercials have the tendency to hit me now and then. Watching babies way younger than Russell play with toys that I don't even think he would understand just yet, sometimes hurts.

    You just wait, one day Fiona is just going to start clapping out of the blue! And it will be one of those moments that is so exciting it was worth the wait :)


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