Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Adventures

Only the few lucky ones get to make a living doing something they deeply love.

I never had much of an ambition in finding a career. I had one and only goal- become a mom of kids with the man I love. And I do not think this makes me any less intelligent or well-rounded or ambitious. I was a strong student, especially when it came to the arts, accepted to every college I applied to, and truly love to learn. But in the deepest part of my heart, the only job I really wanted was to be a mom.

Leaving college and becoming a hair dresser was a decision made because it was a career that usually molds well with also having kids (pre-kids me made this decision). Its supposed to be a flexible career. My only fault was choosing to work for money-grubbing, male bosses who did not understand the importance of this. I shot my self in the foot for working for companies that did not allow me to build my own clientele- for not starting at booth rent.  My love for that career was crushed when my true love came along- parenting- one that is just too important of a job to split with another. However, our bank account was not as happy as I was about my new job. Not having two incomes is drowning us. 

So..... I am jumping on the band wagon. I am combining my love of staying home with my love for crafting and am now the ten billionth stay at home mom on Thanks to miss Ashley Allbee, my work is beautifully photographed and up for sale on the ever-popular Made-by-Me store. I am loving this. Its something I do anyway, and now maybe it will help fill my refrigerator with food. 

Obviously not professional pic, this one is taken by me

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Thank you for helping me have my dream job!


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