Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The year the Christmas Tree died...

That may be the tale I have to tell about this year. Our beautiful, full, 7 foot Douglas Fir doesn't look like she is going to make it to Christmas. My poor husband, who takes great pride in taking care of our household and everything in it, cannot figure out where we went wrong. She was freshly cut and well watered, but refused to drink. Notches and holes have been drilled with a slight improvement, but we fear the worst. Instead of ladden with snow, we will be ladden with dead pine needles. C'est la vie.
Not much feels festive outside the walls of our home, with the exception of maybe the four other houses on our street of over 20 houses that have strung Christmas lights. So I was happy to learn from a few friends and Kelle's Enjoying the Small Things blog about our local family farm Christmas light show. Its no Domino's Farm (which I just learned no longer exsists) but it had its southern charm spin on the season. Lighted palm trees, live horses, and a nice 70 degree weather walk through the lights included. Three little sets of eyes glistened with the lights reflection, messmerized and entertained by the eclectic collection of decortions this family sets up.

O ya, and Papa came back in town. Another too short visit, but we love having him whenever we can. It means the world that he is here to enjoy little things like Flesher Farm with us. And it can't be too bad to enjoy pushing your grandkids on the swings in December, either.

We post-poned a visit to Santa so that Papa could be here to accompany us. Okay, actually, we post-poned the visit because there was a three hour wait on Saturday night, and I thought Monday would be a much better day for a nice relaxing trip to Santa's work shop. Just so happens, my dad was here on Monday :) And for the first year ever, the boys took off running down the red carpet and never looked back. No crying, no fear. They were determined to convince Santa they should be on the nice list (Ryan the Elf hasn't been giving the best reports each night). Instead of terror, there was awe in their eyes. There was awe in my eyes, our Santa is unbelievable. Real beard, sweet composer, rosy cheeks. He is the real deal. And our kids, including Fiona felt the magic of Christmas charm. 

We have some fun plans that include snow that's not made out of cut-up plastic and a life-size gingerbread house to come this weekend. For all the crazy-stressful moments, I cannot imagine this time of year with out my three monkeys. Little kids bring the Christmas spirit in a way nothing else can.


  1. A friend of mine was just saying the other day that her tree died last year. They even cut it down themselves. Go figure. Hope yours can hang in there for a little bit longer : )

  2. Lol about your tree..two words for you my friend...fake tree...:)) HAHA!! I love the pics of the fake snow...i know what u mean..i come from SD and its just not the same around Christmas time here in SC where there is never any snow..maybe once a year...You must be going home for Christmas..Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Lovely! That looks like beautiful Christmas fun.

  4. Okay, crack me up with your reference to Domino's Farm. I went to school in Ann Arbor so we used to go over there for pizza, and yes, I have seen their light show. It has been years since I have been in college! I did not know it no longer is there! Anyways, we had a tree a couple of years that lost most of its needles before Christmas. Christmas morning we had more pine needles in our gifts than bows! :)

  5. This post made me smile because our 2008 Christmas tree died! By the time we took all the ornaments and lights off there was not one single needle left on it! We still buy a live tree but switched to to a different tree farm where, hopefully, the trees are a little more fresh!


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